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Piece of Cake 2
Cowgirl Nymph
This follows on from Piece of Cake.

“Yes. We’re all under her grandmother’s aegis, not just her. If we don’t do this carefully, the old lady is going to know what we’re up to before we act.” Koblek paused then added, “I believe she’d be angrier if I take our children and abandon my wife than if I take all of them with me.”

“That is a point to be considered,” agreed Droukha. “Your graveling must be a fully-fledged necromancer by now.”

“Actually, it seems that performing necromancy during pregnancy is contraindicated and she’s had four full term pregnancies in the last six years.” Koblek smiled. “She’s been studying, but she’s still a graveling.”

“Might she come willingly? It would be a big step to leave the protections her grandmother has over the family,” pointed out Droukha, “and we’ve always understood them to be tightly knit”.

“She might, if we persuade her carefully,” said Koblek thoughtfully. “Some of her siblings and age-mate cousins still have the habit of pushing her around they got into at school. So, this is the point where we scrape an acquaintance so we’re officially not strangers?”

“It would be,” Droukha affirmed.

Koblek turned to his cousin and introduced himself. “Hi, us dads should stick together. I’m Koblek Brankovar and my daughter Slivena’s in Miss Hardry’s kindergarten class. How about you?”

Piece of Cake 3 is here.

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