rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Piece of Cake

I wrote this to a Thimbleful Thursday prompt.

“Not a problem,” Koblek grinned at his cousin and team mate. “I chat the girl up, get her to take me back to her place, we do...whatever, I search the place quietly for intel while she sleeps and then I get out of there. Not a hardship either, she’s a nice little thing.”

“Not like that crazy cousin of hers,” agreed Droukha, “but she’s gone away and that’s why we’re making our play tonight.” He clapped his cousin on the shoulder, “Now, go rock that little graveling’s world and find out what we need to know.”

Six years later, on the seventh school day of the year, Droukha walked up behind Koblek and asked, “What happened?”

Without turning around, Koblek answered, “We got back to her place and walked into a family intervention for that cousin of hers. With the cousin not there, they concentrated on us. Her grandmother’s as bad as we thought, but she approves of me for her granddaughter. I’ve had to be my cover identity ever since.”

Droukha swore. “And you’re here now, how?”

“Our eldest’s started school this year and I said I’d heard good things about this one. I assumed I’d get made quickly.”


“We’re married with four kids. If I get out, I’m taking them too.”


“And my graveling.”

“Ah, problem.”

Piece of Cake 2 is here.
Tags: droukha, koblek, thimbleful thursday
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