rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Water Under the Bridge

I wrote this to this week's Thimbleful Thursday prompt.

“Miko, he killed my parents.”

“But he’s the Hero of the North, and you know what your parents were trying to do.”

“I know.” Her hand crept into her fosterer’s although she was nearly officially an adult.

“And he had orders to kill you too because the Council wanted your parents gone, root and leaf, but he thinks they want that a little too often. So he didn’t tell anyone about you and brought you here to me. He thought you deserved the best chance we could give you.”

“And now he wants my help as well as yours.”

“Yes. He has more children to hide. The Council has decided that the descendants of Lazar de Rescant are too great a threat to our peace to be allowed to continue.”

“Who’s Lazar de Rescant?”

“He was a wizard but he’s been dead for six generations.”

“Does that mean he has six generations of descendants?”


“That’s-, that’s not-, that’s a war against the people! I thought the Council was supposed to protect us from tyranny and would-be tyrants like my parents?”

“So did we all. We may be looking at a real civil war any day now.”

“How many children does he want us to look after?”

Tags: miko, thimbleful thursday
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