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Set the World on Fire 3
Cowgirl Nymph
This follows on from Set the World on Fire 2.

“File download at twenty percent.”

Halea’s announcement had cut across what her father had been going to say so he tried again. “How do you know it’s an information storage unit?”

“Because it’s the wrong shape for an operant system.” She kept her eyes on her gear’s readings. “Which means it’s relatively safe to this. Some of the units in this exhibition would be trying to kill me right now.”

“Kill you?” Her father sounded nervous.

“Oh, this one won’t, unless I do something stupid, but if you’re worried you can go back behind the safety cordon. Download at fifty percent!”

“Safety cordon?” He looked around.

“Them with the staves.”

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*giggle laugh* "Them with the staves."

Got me in on the word count though! :)

That's even better then!

It's nice and short, says "I don't have time to hand-hold you."

I like the turn of phrase there too. I also get a bit of a feeling from this and the first part that, "Them with the staves," are there as much to protect her from outside interference as to protect anyone outside from a mishap.

A little from column A, a little from column B ...

Well, I'm sure the museum isn't going to be very happy about this...

The owner of the artifact probably has Opinions, too, but that could go anywhere ...

It's not like they're taking the object itself and they are only copying the files, not just taking the only copies...

Which the owner of the object may or may not have any idea of the content of, or even that they existed. Or any reason to believe/trust that Halea is only copying data. Or won't "do something stupid" and make it explode, or whatever it does ...

Err. Trying again. "I have no idea at all what the owner of the object knows about its capabilities, or those of Halea and her companions, other than assuming that the object is of some value." Or for that matter, what the museum staff knows. Or whomever arranged this exhibit. Or ... yeah, lots of unknowns. :)

The owner probably believes that they own a granite monolith.

Well, they did.

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