rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Set the World on Fire 2

This follows on from Set the World on Fire at aldersprig's request.

Halea activated her modern interface and that fed power onto the relic component of her gear. That, in turn linked to the displayed relic in front of her with what could best be described as a short range laser.

The incised symbols on the granite block, which was on special loan from a private collection, lit up with triangle and off-centre double loops glowing in a white-green.

“Powered up and files copying.” She said that with satisfaction.

Her group had circled the relic, facing outwards and with their collapsible staves out.

“What is it?’’ Her father was – stunned.

“A silicon-based information storage unit.”

“But it’s granite!”

“And your point is?”

And Set the World on Fire 3 is here!
Tags: halea, thimbleful thursday
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