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Passing Time and More Surprises
Furry person
This follows on from Beyond the Garage.

Agent Brame investigated the walk in pantry. “Okay, looks like we’ve probably got enough pasta for three, but there’s no jars of sauce left. Cheese and pasta it is then.”

Eridah asked, “Is there anything we can use to make a sauce?”

“Well, there’s tins and jars of stuff.” Agent Brame seemed doubtful.

“How about I have a look?” Eridah brushed past him into the pantry. A minute or two later she popped her head out the door and asked the two agents, “Do you prefer a sauce with mince in it, which would take time for the mince to thaw and cook, or would you prefer mainly vegetarian with a few anchovies, which could be ready in the time it takes to cook the pasta?”

Agents Tierce and Brame looked at each other and then at her. “Mainly vegetarian,” they said together.

“Okay then.” Eridah ducked back into the pantry to emerge with a number of jars, tins and packets. “Right. Where do the saucepans live around here?”

Barely twenty minutes later they were eating pasta doused with tomato, chargrilled capsicum and mushroom sauce and smothered in mixed grated cheese. Both the males ate enthusiastically after a first cautious mouthful. Eridah ate steadily too but not as fast as her companions. Halfway through his plate Agent Brame looked up and asked, “Hey, boss, can we come up with a reason to keep her on the team? She can cook!”

“This isn’t cooking,” said Eridah dismissively, “this is throwing a few things together in a pot and reheating them. I’m a uni student. This is what we do.”

“You’re better at throwing things together in a pot than either of us,” Agent Tierce replied, “and it’s much appreciated but that isn’t a basis for becoming an agent.”

Agent Brame made a disappointed noise while Eridah serenely said, “Thank you.”

They finished the meal and Agent Brame cleared the table while Agent Tierce checked in with their headquarters again. Agent Brame’s imprecations about people who didn’t even bother to run the dishwasher after they filled it were interrupted by the emergence of the senior agent from the communications room. “We’re clear to go in,” Agent Tierce announced, “but Operations want to have an eyeball at Eridah first.” He turned to her, “If you’d come into the communications room with me, they can have a look at you and then we can be on our way.”

“It’s very compact, isn’t it?” Eridah was able to stand beside Agent Tierce but if Agent Brame had been in there with them it would have been a little too snug for comfort.

“Very,” agreed the purple furred male on the screen. “It’s good to put a face to the name. I’m Supervising Agent Gurmon and one of my jobs is to make sure that people are who they say they are. I’m glad to see that you match your ID.”

“Isn’t that what those robots were for?” Eridah was confused.

“There are ways around that,” the Supervising Agent admitted, “especially if the person is being vouched for, so we like to check.” He smiled.

“And looking at me is enough to tell?” Eridah was sceptical.

“You don’t know what else I’m looking at,” Gurmon reminded her, “but we’ll be seeing you here shortly. Our external surveillance has been moved along and swept up, so there’s a clear window for you to arrive without trouble.”

“We look forward to that, sir,” said Agent Tierce. “I think we’ve seen enough gunplay for today.” Eridah nodded in agreement. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll start moving.”

Agent Tierce turned off the terminal and said, “Right, let’s go.” Out in the kitchen he told Agent Brame, “We’ll use the second garage.”

“The second garage?” Eridah hadn’t seen a door that looked like the entrance to a second garage.

“In here,” Agent Brame opened what looked like a linen cupboard door to reveal a neat-sized lift. “We need to go down.”

This is followed by Changing Location.

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I like these. Nice action, a touch short on tech though. Perhaps that expands later.

Thank you.

I shall think about the tech. Is there anything in particular you want to see?

Yay, more Eridah!

I hope that what Agent Gurmon was looking for is revealed eventually. :)

I had to look up capsicum to verify whether it was the ingredient that makes spices spicy (capsaicin) or something else. Looks like it would be more commonly called either chili peppers or bell peppers depending on which plant exactly was in question. ;)

This is a thing about Australia which I did not previously know! ;)

Of course with two sets of divergent breeding they may not be the same exact thing anymore.

They look close enough from the webpage though that I'd identify them as bell peppers without hesitation. ;)

I shall keep that in mind when dealing with North American recipes.

The hot stuff is an active component of chili peppers.WP₁ The name given to the Capsicum fruits varies between English-speaking countries.WP₂

(commenting after only reading the meal and "can we keep her, she can cook!" "no I was a uni student." potions of the fic)

Hubby now does almost all of the cooking (I either burn or slice myself, yay multiple sclerosis) and he has learned from me, over recent years, all of my "student food" 'cooking' skills. Producing food on a uni student's budget and time-availability is such a useful skillset!

(and now having read the whole thing)

Intriguing! I am enjoying this and can't wait to read more.

(after reading the comments)

I am used to translating USian to UKian for such things as vegetable names (courgette/zuccini, etc.) but had never known them not just called "peppers" or "bell peppers" so I learned something tonight (and thank you for the link upthread) even though my sciency background and botany plant names memories made my guess about 'capsicum' turn out right!

Edited at 2014-07-06 09:48 pm (UTC)

There are so many different types of peppers and chillis that I thought something to show what I meant by capsicum would be useful.

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