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What I did this evening
calm, purple me
This evening instead of writing or playing an game or watching television, I coloured in one of haikujaguar's Laundry Dragon colouring pages from her Laundry Dragons Kickstarter.

And it was fun.

My dragons are based on the socks the Offspring wore today and my support stockings. (Frankly, I shouldn't have used orange for the base colour for Support Stocking dragon, but there's always next time.)

And this was how it turned out. Some people know how to create wonderful effects with colour pencils but I'm not one of them, however, as I said, it was fun.

Tea Dragons 1

And yes, I'm not good at taking pictures of this sort of thing. :)

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Heehee. ^_^ I think it came out fine. Did you print it onto watercolor paper?

Thank you and no, I used 110 gsm cartridge paper from a partly used pad I had sitting around.

I see, maybe the colors/textures are a bit fuzzy because it's a photograph rather than a scan. ;)

The yellowish tinge is from the lighting in the room and it's a bad photo partly because I used my iPod. I did try scanning it but that didn't pick up some of the colours at all.

It gives the picture character. ;)

Squee for dragons and tea!

And this is just page one of the colouring book that should shortly be for sale!

[I feel I should plug it. :)]

Indeed! I signed up on the kickstarter for the non-coloring-book. :)

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