rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Logic Fail

I wrote this to a Twitter prompt from aldersprig, "This is only a catch 22 because you walked yourself into the middle of the Lemniscate.”

I looked at my feet and looked up again. Jarvan was standing there, a pleased expression on his bearded and moustached face, feet apart and arms folded across his torso. Dante, who’d called in a favour to get me there to help with the house moving, was sniggering off to one side. “So let me get this right. I come over here to repay a favour by helping you move, I walk backwards into your Lemniscate while carrying your furniture and you’re not going to let me out?”

“Why would I?” The skin around Jarvan’s eyes crinkled with amusement. “You’ll make the perfect sylph. Just what I need to run my house for me.”

“Grow up and buy a computer program!” I pounded on the wall of my prison, if quasi-data could pound on the holographic projection of an equation. “I’m a person, a human, not a program. This is entrapment and slavery! Let me out!”

“Dante tells me no one is going to notice that you’ve dropped out of sight, so no.” I did not care for his smile at all.

“Dante, the favour I owed you wasn’t big enough to cover this,” I wasn’t sure if I was pleading with or threatening the little sleaze.

“Yeah,” he shrugged, “but the favour I owed him was. So, we square Jarvan?”

“We are.”

While those two had a love-fest conversation, I had another look around my “cell” to see what I had that I might use and found that I really did have control of all household functions. All of them. I experimented and opened all the external doors. I ordered more milk and it was autopaid with Jarvan’s credit card so then I ordered some completely unneeded caviar. I took the backup generator in the basement offline.

Then I got ready, because I’d only get one chance at this. I disconnected the power to the house.

Jarvan and Dante weren’t expecting it but I was. As I suspected, without power the Lemniscate went down and I hadn’t been in it long enough for my quasi-state to be permanent. I was out of the house before the other two had even realised that I might be free.

I went straight back to my place, grabbed my gear and got out. It seemed like a good time to leave town.

Tags: bingo card
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