rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Because It's All About Them...

I wrote this in response to ellenmillion>'s prompt "Relativity and cats."

“The relativity that interests me,” pronounced Butterpurr, the plump, dominant shorthair, “is how many cats she can support now as opposed to how many cats she could support then.”

“The answer to that seems to be more,” soothed Clementine, the grey half-Persian, “which is good for us.”

“She might not choose to take in more cats,” pointed out Tatters, named for his ragged ear edges. “There’s that male who’s been hanging around, you all know the one I mean-.”

“The unneutered one,” cut in Satin, the black oriental. “Yes, we’ve noticed.”

“She might have a kitten of her own instead of getting in another cat,” went on Tatters. “It would be here for years and we would have to train it.”

“So,” asked Butterpurr, “should we allow this unneutered male to continue to hang around? And should we permit her to have a kitten? If it comes to that, should we get rid of the male and encourage her to have a kitten? All the options may be inconvenient for us.”

“Before I came here,” offered Harrissa, a calico of indeterminate background who was the newest member of their feline-centred household, “I learned that the males often bring in more of what is needed to obtain the things we want than the females. Perhaps, if this unneutered male is suitable, we should encourage him to move in? He would bring his resources with him and there would be enough for her to have a kitten without inconveniencing us.”

“A kitten would make her happy,” offered Clementine.

“You’re probably right,” Butterpurr sighed, stretched and kneaded her claws. “So the first questions are about this male. Does he like cats and will he serve us?”

Tags: butterpurr, clementine, harrissa, satin, tatters

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