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Flower person
It probably behooves me to tell my readers that I have not dropped of the planet or died.  I have been off work for most of the time since 17 Apr and I have been on antibiotics all that time.  This has not translated into extra writing time.  :)  I am off to the doctor again today because after yesterday's visit to the local hospital for IV antibiotics there is now Another Opinion on what is wrong with me and I am being sent back to the GP for some investigations to be done.  Thankfully the GP bulk bills because I have been going there a lot.

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Oh, dear. I hope you'll be feeling better soon!

Fortunately I have not been feeling sick in myself but angry looking, occasionally swollen and occasionally hot lower legs are not good.

Thank you. If I can't have that, I'll settle for knowing how to manage it effectively.

Not dead is good! (Do you want to leave the planet?) Hoping that your doctors sort out the problem and how to address it effectively real soon now.

Thank you. We are now ot the stage of investigating the less obvious things it could be.

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