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Background Pieces Request, Suggestions and Votes
Gentle readers,

For the March Prompt call I have now written 22 stories.  That means I owe you two background pieces.  What would you like to hear about?  Tell me in the comments, please!

Also, if you are anyone other than aldersprig, to whom I know I still owe a story, and I haven't written you the stories I owe you please contact me.

So, tell me what I'm going to write about?

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Nai's country or culture? Traditional stories? The Imortals?

Mayin's 'verse, the ex-enemies. How did the diplomatic team representing them after their homeworld was unexpectedly distroyed get pulled together? How are they coping?

Something about Erima's world.

Background piece

Winged cat. Why does magic seem so looked down upon there?

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