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Landing Page - Iphana

The Iphana stories are set in a sci-fi universe with the tag "defensive diaspora." There are some other stories set in the same universe but not on the same planet which I will include on this page because although they don’t affect Iphana they do help explain the background. The Iphana stories, in order, are:

On The Edge Of Disaster;
Winter II; and
Iphana's Winter.

Another story set on the same world is It's Different Here.

The Rensa stories are set in the same universe but on a different planet.

The other stories in the same universe are:
Fire Sign I ;
Return Visit – this one explains quite a bit about the background, although it is very short.; and

Background pieces for Rensa which apply to the setting generally are:
Rensa's Universe Background Information Entry; and
Rensa's Universe: Background 2.
Tags: defensive diaspora, iphana, landing page - iphana
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