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Landing Page: The Elf
The Elf
The elf has taken over a large city (okay, Sydney, Australia) by controlling the weather.  This has something to do with the Accords of the Blessed Isle and has drawn the attention of those who disagree with his interpretation.  The elf was expecting objections and made preparations.  In the meantime, there are elves, ice giants and trolls in the streets...

The stories in this series so far are:


Working For The Elf;

Later On Day Eighteen;

Day 19;

Of Elves and Computers;

Pieces in Position

The First Mission;

Developing Problem;

Complications Happen;


Of Crops And Serpents;

Career Testing and Recruitment;

Gambit Number Three;

After Action Report;

Christmas Is About Family;

Gideon's Work;

Niceties; and

School Sport.

There was a request for opinion which gives a view of a small portion of metabackground, Vasa from "The Elf" series.