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Fairy Tale Aftermath II
I wrote this to kelkyag's second prompt, "Something after Fairy Tale Aftermath," which it follows straight on from.

Sir Sander sur Helcrom did let go of Phillipus, so he could draw his sword. Phillipus took the opportunity to get out of the middle of a sword fight before the actual fighting started, backpedalling away from the visiting lord and his men while taking care not to stay between Sir Sander and the king’s men. Sir Wendell and Captain Bouche, for their part, took stock of their opponents. Sir Sander and his vassal men at arms had all drawn swords to face them, with Sir Sander looking confident that their numbers would carry the fight. Sir Sander’s two hireling men at arms had not drawn their swords though and Phillipus thought they looked worried.

Phillipus knew he had no place in this fight, his best weapon for hand to hand fighting was a cudgel or a knife and the archery skills he practised on the green twice a week with the other menfolk of the village weren’t of use here. Besides, he didn’t have his bow and arrows with him. There was one thing he could do though, and he did it. He threw back his head, cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, “’Ware foes! ‘Ware foes! ‘Ware Foes!”

“Fie, go to! There are more of them?” That was one of the vassals, drawn sword at the ready.

Meanwhile one of the hirelings was hissing, “Your lordship, these are the King’s men! You can’t draw on them!”

“No-one’s going to go back and tell His Majesty who did for them, let alone the pig farmer or his peasant sons! That’s two of them against seven of us, if you two milksops do your part,” Sir Sander snapped back.

“That’d be seven of us against Brien Bouche and Sir Wendell ald Grenham,” replied the other hireling. “I think I prefer to take my chances on the King’s Mercy.” Some of the vassal men at arms looked at him with odd expressions, those names apparently meaning something to them.

At that point the soldiers of Captain Bouche’s troop charged out from behind the new cow byre and took their places behind Sir Wendell and their leader.

“So, gentlemen, before we begin,” drawled Sir Wendell, “anyone like to reconsider their position?”

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My opinion of the royal family is rising with every paragraph.

Edited at 2013-04-19 03:06 am (UTC)

I thank you and they thank you. Any particular reason?

They seem to care about what happens to her family. Either that, or they're just there doing the construction when this happens.

Well, they are part of the extended family now.

Sir Sander is doing quite a job of digging himself in deeper.

Not that the soldiers aren't sufficient, but I wonder if anyone else is likely to hear & respond to Phillipus's call to arms, near a town that can muster a company of free archers.

Cookies to the hired swords for good sense. Hope they find a better employer soon.

He's hoping he can kill them and hide all the evidence...

Raising arms to the King's men? Not only didn't they sign on for that, Sir Sander isn't paying them enough for treason...

Edited at 2013-04-19 05:39 am (UTC)

Clearly. And not listening to the people telling him it's not going to work.

Maybe no cookies for them if they've got a well-defined price for treason ...

Sir Sander's vassals are in a much trickier position...

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