rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

An Important Conversation

I wrote this to starlitdestiny's first prompt, " The choice between life, love, and death."

...I have a choice?

There is always a choice. Some options are simply rejected.

How can you have the middle without the first?

You would be surprised.

I’m sure I would. Can I choose everything, in combination and in order?

Everything is not one of the choices you are being offered here. Take your time.

Why does this come up when I’m alone and in the dark?

When else would it come up?

Fair enough. Can I ask questions about the consequences of each choice?

Of course. But I can only give you the answers you already have. I cannot give you new information.

Why not?

Because it is your choice. To be made with what you know now. Feel free to ask questions.

What happens if I choose life?

You continue to breathe, to grow, to change and to adapt.

What about death?

What about it? If you choose death, then you cease. Your body stops, you cease to grow or to change and you lack the ability to adapt. Your non-corporeal elements “shuffle off this mortal coil” and the chapter closes, fin.

What about after that?

I can only tell you what you already know.

Can’t blame me for trying.

Blame isn’t what this is about.

So, what about love?

Emotional life, both good and bad. Pain and joy. The power to change the world around, and to change yourself, for good or ill.

So if I choose life, I don’t get this?

It is a choice.

Hang on, if life gives you the ability to change but love gives you the power to change, then choosing love doesn’t exclude life.

Neither does it exclude death.

What if I refuse to choose?

Then you remain here. In the dark. Alone.

Way to weight the conversation.

You have a choice.

So the real choice is life, love, death or…this?


I choose love.

Good bye. I’m sure we’ll talk again someday.

Eyes flutter open and take in chaos. “Oh good, you’re awake,” says a relieved but unfamiliar voice. “The doctor will be with you in just a minute.”

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