rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Landing Page: Mayin

When one of her parents' five children was to be drafted for a decade's service in a generations long interstellar war, Mayn volunteered while her brothers were still discussing how to decide which of them would be chosen.  Now, she's home, the war is over and Mayin is trying to readjust to a civilian life.  She also has a suitor...

The stories so far are:

Back Again;
In The Ashes of Victory;
Working On Plan B;
Next Moves;
Discussion and Declaration;
Mayin's Lack Of A Love Life Analyzed;
They Had The Best Intentions;
On the Dance Floor;
Fitting In;
Logic Fail (2);
An Old Friend;
A Walk In The Park;
Getting Out More;
An Educational Experience Goes Completely Pear Shaped;
The Responsible Adults Need To Get Together....;
The Party Assembles;
Rules of Engagement;
Rules of Engagement 2;
Talk Turns to Action;
All In Motion; and
On The Ground.

There is also a background piece, The Road To War: a background piece for the October Prompt Request.
Tags: landing page: mayin, mayin
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