rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Time To Talk?

I wrote this to aldersprig's first prompt, "A family split apart."

“Your father and I,” Evaan told her daughter, “should have stuck to having sex and babies. You and your brother weren’t a mistake, cohabitation and marriage were.”

“Your mother couldn’t see the point in continuing our relationship,” Mikko explained to his son, “and I have to agree that our arguments did get fairly horrendous for a while.” He added reflectfully, “Our respective kinfolk and friends kept trying to help, and they just didn’t. I always felt that when she was having the important conversations with me, she was having to hack over ground she’d already covered with someone else. Your mother always hated having to repeat herself.”

“They didn’t think he had any ambition,” Evaan continued, “and they’d just keep on at me to talk to him about it until I promised to do it just so they’d leave me alone so I could work. Then I’d go home and have to have the same conversation again, but taking their point of view. It took me a few years after the divorce to realise that your father would have supported me in anything I chose to do.” On a wistful note she added, “We could have gone to Caprisone so I could study fallen stars.”

“Amazingly, for a group so obsessed with ambitions,” commented Mikko, “your mother’s family did a fine job of thwarting your mother’s. I would like to have read a paper from her on the mechanics or the composition of fallen stars.”

“And now your tests show that you’ve inherited his talents, not mine,” went on Evaan. “I think you should talk to your father and get his advice. We won’t tell your grandparents about your results until after you’ve done that.”

“Your test results show you’re definitely your mother’s son,” Mikko ruffled the sixteen year old’s hair affectionately, “and I think you should talk to her about that. She knows that territory much better than I do.”

Both twins, in their respective locations and to their respective parent, “Come with me, please?”

Tags: evaan, mikko, prompt request mar 13
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