rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

The Deal

This was originally posted at http://unorthodoxcreativity.com/15minfic.php from the prompt
"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

One of the bastards had hurt him. The blood dripped from his arm to the ground below. Damn it, this form was supposed to be invulnerable, an uber warrior able to defeat anything. Maxos had promised...

And he had promised Maxos that he would do this one thing and in return Maxos would give him his heart’s desire. Get in, take the target and get it back to Maxos. That’s all he had to do. In a body that Maxos had promised would be able to do the job.

But now security was on his track. Since when did a museum have a freaking Level 3 circle working security for them? Since the museum started displaying something Maxos would want, said the little voice inside his head. Now one of the Level 3 mages had hurt him. Been fast enough and strong enough for a tattoo claw to reach out from the sleeved arm and nick him.

He had to keep moving, back to Maxos, hand over the item and collect his reward. He wasn’t so sure now that he wanted to keep this body Maxos had conjured for him. It was fast and it was tough but it made it impossible for him to step into the crowd and disappear, hop on a bus and get lost in traffic – no, this body was visible. Too visible.

The blood wasn’t stopping. Surely a little nick like that shouldn’t bleed so much? How much was he losing? Would he last long enough to get back to Maxos? He was beginning to feel light headed, surely he hadn’t lost so much blood so quickly, not through such a little nick?

Had to think now, which way? Over the roof, through the park and there, in the light beside the fountain was Maxos and his reward. He came to a dead stop in front of the man known as Maxos and handed him the bag that had been looped over his shoulder. “Here”, he thrust it at his employer, “That’s what you wanted. You promised me her.” He was panting and growing steadily tireder.

Maxos opened the bag and looked inside. “Very well,” he seemed satisfied, “The girl is yours.” He gestured and the girl involuntarily walked forward into the monster’s arms. “Deal done.”

Floodlights snapped on around them and an amplified voice sounded, “Police, we have you surrounded. Take no action without our direction!”

The light headed thief, holding the caffeine coloured girl of his dreams in his arms, looked around, confused. How had they found them? It was his last thought before he slumped to the ground.

In the clean up, one of the police detectives asked the security mage from the museum, “Did you have to kill him?”

“I didn’t kill him,” the big man sighed and slumped back on the park bench. “That form is tough but has a limited life span. He was dead from the moment Maxos transformed him. I just nicked him so we could track him.”

Tags: magic, maxos
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