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March Prompt Request

The Prompt Request is open from now (Sunday 24 March, my time) until sometime Saturday, 30 March, my time is now closed.

If you give me more than one prompt you need to know that I will work through the list in order starting at the top.

The rules and parameters:

1.      Each prompt will be:

a.      a short sentence or phrase;

b.      a story of mine posted to LJ you want to see more of – it does not need to come from a Prompt Request; or

c.       characters of mine from stories posted on LJ – they do not need to come from a Prompt Request.

2.      For each prompt I write to I will write 300±50 words. If you want to see something I’ve done along these lines before, please see the results of my November and December Prompt Requests. I have found that stories sometimes carry me away and you may get more than 350 words due to no fault of yours.

3.      I will write one prompt per person, unless you signal boost this Prompt Request or a story from it , in which case I will write an additional prompt per site/platform you boost on i.e. one prompt each on LJ, Twitter, Dreamwidth, etc, for each day of the prompt request you signal boost. I am setting an arbitrary limit of 7 extra prompts per prompter from boosting. You will need to tell me about your boosts because I am not across every site and platform.

4.      For each prompter I get, I will write 50 words in a prompting reward serial story;

5.      No fanfic, I just don’t know enough about enough current series and settings to do your favourites justice – give me a name or names and I promise what you get will not be the people you know and love; and

6.      Please, nothing that has to be porn – I have to be in the mood to write that sort of thing and I would like to be able to post these stories without warnings. (Yes, I know, 1b & 1c could produce prompts that are almost like that.)

7.      For every ten prompt-based pieces I write I will I write a background piece on a world or character, subject to be chosen by audience poll.

Why am I doing this? Practice! Plus I’ve found that I enjoy the interaction with all of you.

And yes, there is a tip jar. This is for extensions. I will write extensions at 500 words per $5.00.

1.      If I receive any money for extensions I can no longer be flabbergasted because that’s already happened but I will be very surprised. J

2.      For every $15 I receive for paid extensions I will write to one more prompt, chosen by those who have paid for extensions, from any ‘unsupported’ prompts received in the Prompt Request. This will occur after I have written the paid extensions. An ‘unsupported’ prompt is one which does not have a signal boost to support it.

If you are kind enough to give me more signal boosts than you want to prompt, I will use each of your ‘left over’ signal boosts to power another 50 words in the prompt reward story.

Please tell me where you’ve signal boosted as a reply to your comment giving me prompts.

Thank you for participating.

Prompt Extensions

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* Somebody mentioned a dearth of women of color in dystopic/postapocalyptic settings. Okay, wanna. They're survivors.

* Angels and the symbolism of decorated eggshells.

* The Elf ... and Komodo dragons, since we've visited Australia in this series and Komodo isn't too far away.

User ysabetwordsmith referenced to your post from Call for Prompts saying: [...] ;is holding a call for prompts [...]


"Chains of Command"

User jeriendhal referenced to your post from Prompt Call saying: [...] is having a prompt call [...]

  • Chains & commands
    (This one suggests itself, after jeriendhal's – or maybe that's what ze was thinking of anyway)
  • Fish & fairies
  • Cats & cousins
    (Get off my keyboard, monster!)


A family split apart.
The son of a god
the god of a son
More Nai's sister
A family reunited.
Someone else in Rensa's world
"Well, looking at this, my father and your father..."
Planning for something that didn't come.
A new dish in an old way
Fae Apoc: dealing with the gods (that's my selfish one)
"If you ever want to see your [] again, you will []."
A new genealogy
The elders never thought the power could be used that way
More Nai's brother, the cool one.
More Nai

*What if you did in fact get to choose your family (The old, you can choose your friends but not your family)
*Taking your characters to court
*"As matter of fact, I would jump off that bridge..."
*More Iphanna
*The terrible secret of donuts
*Alone in the dark
*The accidental astronaut
*The absence of shadow
*Writing tips for mice
*The first five star chef on the moon
*Cats and dogs, playing together
*Longing for the enemy
*The Day Without Chocolate
*More Ha Ri
*The Prince of Cats friends?

(Randomized order, or a sign I'm having too much fun with having memorized how to do that in Vim)

Also, retweeted the announcement of the prompt call.

"You'll measure my footsteps while I blow through this town."

& if it's allowed, I'd like to ask for f/f. Thank you!

Edited at 2013-03-24 01:02 am (UTC)

Your Prompters' Story words are here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/126898.html

Sorry they took so long, I used up my buffer faster than I expected.

User aldersprig referenced to your post from Rix's Prompt Call! saying: [...] ( @LJ) has posted a fiction prompt call. [...]

Something in Mayin's story.

Something after Fairy Tale Aftermath

Something in the Solstice universe. Maybe more about the returning Atlanteans? Constantine and Dagmar and their grandkids? What Rune and Franz decide to do occupation-wise? The all-female sniper unit?

Rensa and her therapist, or attempting to follow her therapist's advice? Mirren trying to deal with Rensa's emotional health under political pressure?

More after So, What Does That Mean?.

More in the 'verse of Paradigm Changer.

Henry & others from Inheritance

The Seer & The Mistress of Time

Juveniles In Custody

Nai, or Ha Ri.

Edited at 2013-03-24 06:32 am (UTC)

I see some of your readers don't actually read.

It says right there, 7!

Angel universe, if you can work that in somehow.

While rix_scaedu generally insists on writing prompts in order, that's not what I expect in a prompt call, and prefer to offer options. And to mention continuing interest in threads that haven't come up recently.

- The choice between life, love, and death
- One last memory
- "You promised that you'd come this time."

Signal boosted on Twitter on user @SonRevolutionKF.

Oh, I like this story: http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/155182.html

Your phrase...

paradoxical toasts
unlikely dance partners
a treat for everyone

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