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January Prompt Call Summary
In response to the January prompt call, I wrote to twentyone prompts which now means that I owe you, the audience, two background pieces.  Who or what would you like to hear about?

What I wrote in response to your prompts was:

Landing pages;

So What Does That Mean?;

Paradigm Changer;

Unexpected Conversations;

Fairy Tale Aftermath;

Finding Something To Run To;

Client's Choice;

Iphana's Winter;

The First Stage;

Looking For Solutions;

The First Day Of High School;


Mist On Silver Lake;

In One Night;

Scenes With The Sung;

The First Lunar Orbit;

Back, Shortly After Nai was Born...;

Unexpected Life Change;

Wedding Planning;

What Monsters Fear; and

Concerns of A Mature Couple.

The Prompters' Story can be found here.

Thank you all for participating and remember to tell me what you would like for a background piece.

I rolled a 1 and a 7 to select which prompte to write for background pieces and so we have A Little On Royalty - A Background Piece For The World Of Rune And Samella Clyde and An Overview Of Curses - A Background Piece For Jonna's World.

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Rune's World: Royalty.

Nai's World: the same. Ruling class. OR! Reincarnation!!

You're going to end up with like 6 different suggestions.

Have we had one on Iphana's setting yet?
Maybe one on the setting that you introduced as a movie script and followed with the 3 warring demidivine taking on aspects in a new world when transported to where they need to be by an acidentally shattered mcguffin.

Many great suggestions!

Can I have some more votes so I don't wind up rolling dice?

I vote for mine. *sniggers*
-kunama the lazy
(can't seem to login during the commenting stage. Dunno why, it works on aldersprig and haikujaguar's LJs)

I can only suppose that I'm special in a bad way...

It's been a week

I don't think you're going to get any more votes.
This means you could write all of them!
...that's how it works right??
-Kunama the lazy

I think you're right about not getting anymore votes. I must count how many suggestions there are and decide which size die to roll...

Jonna's world. Local politics, maybe? History of curses?

ETA: nope, not helping at all. :) We like dice!

Edited at 2013-03-17 02:59 am (UTC)

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