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Not All About The Electronics
I wrote this from Alder's Grove's 16-minute prompt for this week.

“It’s a concept,” said Meiken.

“A concept of what?” It was Trusdale who asked that.

“Of where we can put further higher functionality within the system,” replied Meiken.

“With cross saving via other herd members, yes?” Nkumbra looked from the screen to his colleagues and back again.

“Yes, but why do you ask?” Meiken looked confused. “You’re system security, not processing.”

“My security modules are going to need something to eat and predation on damaged, aged or excess processing units would solve several problems. Not least, Chekhova’s concern that the grazing units would multiply to sufficient levels that they could eradicate her diffuse power systems.” Nkumbra pressed a few places on his controller and the stats of the ‘moose’ on screen were displayed beside the images. “These would also be edible by the resident staff.”

“Is resident staff a good idea?” Trusdale voiced that old question.

“It’s a better idea than leaving a super computer sitting alone in a public place and expecting it not to be stolen.” Nkumbra paused for a moment then added, “Or taken apart for its component parts."


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Hmm, herd-based AI. Interesting.

Thank you. And not just the herds...

Or taken apart for its component parts

Yup. Especially if the component parts are also tasty. Though if security includes preditors, which it sounds like it does ...

Oh? Do tell us more ...

It might depend what prompts I get :)

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