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Game Proposal

“Mr Wilson, Mr Radburn? It was a surprise when my brother told me I had an appointment with you today.” The woman in her late twenties looked nonplussed.

“You didn’t know he’d been speaking to us about your game?” Mr Wilson had a receding hairline and an expensive suit.

“No, he hadn’t told me that. It’s been a hobby of mine for years. I was thinking of a tabletop RPG, but that’s not what you do, is it?”

“No,” agreed Radburn, the one wearing a coat with jeans and a tee shirt, “Your brother,” the twenty-fivish male in a suit at the table grinned like a puppy at the prospect of praise, “Thought your stat advancement matrix mechanic would work better with a computer RPG. We agree with him. How would you describe the rest of the game?”

“It’s a technology and magic setting role playing game set in a period of political imbalance edging towards planet wide war. There’s a character class system that controls weapon and magic availability plus a free choice selection of customising skills and talents.” She paused then went on, “To be honest, I enjoy working on it, but I think it’s highly derivative – someone must have copyrighted ‘gunsword,’ right?” She looked at the two game company executives.

“There are a lot of very original ideas in your work, though,” Wilson put in smoothly. “Your brother supplied us with samples of your concept art,” he slid three photo prints across the table. “Photoshop?”

“Um, yes.” She seemed quiet and transfixed by the pictures.

“Our art director would like to hire the model in the middle one for some work with one of our other games,” added Radburn, “He has the right look.”

“We’re not on good terms,” she murmured distractedly with frown creases between her eyebrows. “He’s not a very nice person.”

“She’s even got mock ups of some of the weapons.” Her brother pulled a large hand gun out of the bag at his feet, “I had to borrow her keys while she was asleep to get this to show you. You can pull the trigger and everything.” She started to protest but he pointed it at a wall and the wall exploded. There were screams and when the dust cleared they could see into the rooms beyond.

“Rory, put that down. It’s not a toy.” She sat there, wax still. “Hope you haven’t already hurt someone.”

“So,” said Radburn looking at the series of holes through the building, “Those aren’t possible module stories, are they?”
Tags: 30 days of flash fiction
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