rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Concerns Of A Mature Couple

I wrote this to aldersprig's 13th prompt "Rune/Solstice. How are her parents doing?"

“Constantine, do you think,” Dagmar rolled over in bed to speak to her consort, “that Rune and Franz will let the children stay with us sometimes?”

“Overnight? I can’t see why not. Why the question about our probably-not-yet-conceived grandchildren?” He rose up, supported by an elbow, and kissed her.

“I worry that she won’t trust me with them, because I let her be taken away and because of the drug-thing…”

“Neither of which were your fault, and she knows that,” he told her soothingly. “The problem we might have is that Rune doesn’t really understand ‘family.’ Franz does, but Rune has trouble seeing the connections inside a family so she doesn’t always understand the whys of things.”

“Like why we consulted her before we moved in together,” Dagmar nodded. “Yes, she didn’t seem to think it was any of her business.”

“Caliburn’s noticed that too. Mind you, he and Rurik find it a pleasant change from Rurik’s family – they all think he’s too old for Rurik and make no bones about saying it.” Constantine sighed, “That’s two of us with younger partners, and I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Sebastian marry a thirty year old lady biographer.”

“He has to have a thirty year old lady biographer first,” retorted Dagmar tartly. “Haven’t they both been fiftyish, male and very attached elsewhere?”

“You’re letting reality interfere with my suppositions,” chided Constantine humorously.

“That’s part of my job, love.” She kissed him. “Stops you getting carried away with conspiracy theories.”

“Foreign agent spy ring theories,” he corrected. “It’s just that I’ve been the man in deep cover and, after twenty years, you recognise the patterns of behaviour. You do realise that of those eight matters I flagged, six turned out be something?”

“Not necessarily the something you assumed,” she agreed, “but it was good work and six problems revealed and dealt with. Possibly though we should look at getting you a post-retirement hobby…”

“Aside from spoiling our yet to be born grandchildren?” That was asked with a laugh.

“And teaching them covert skills,” Dagmar agreed and kissed him again.

Tags: constantine, dagmar, prompt request jan 13, solstice, steampunk atlantean science & a spaceshi
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