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Wedding Planning

I wrote this to aldersprig's 11th prompt "When Fashions have to change to suit (ha) the world."  (I think the connection may be a little tenuous.)

“Why are we doing this?” Stella stared at the calendar planner in frustration.

“Because this is how we do getting married and to show all the people who do business with your father that he can afford to do these thing properly.” Her mother pencilled in another date, this one ‘rehearsal dinner.’

“Fine, Dad can afford all this,” Stella went on, “but the people I want as guests can’t afford all this time and travel. This isn’t the home world where you hop on the metro and go 700k for a few credits without thinking about it. Everyone’s got responsibilities and no-one could afford the fuel for all these trips into town.”

“The people your father deals with are here in town.” Her mother dismissed the objection with a wave of her hand.

“My friends and David’s friends aren’t in town,” Stella said firmly. She looked at the calendar again. “This kitchen tea thing a month before the wedding has to go, that’s the weekend of the house raising.”

“But you don’t need to be there for that!”

“Oh, I’m going to let David’s brothers and my brothers and their friends put my house together without being there to make sure they don’t do something stupid?”

“You have a point,” her mother conceded. “Now what about the next weekend, in the afternoon before the hen’s party?”

“If it’s mainly your friends then yes, but the hen’s party and the bucks’ night are going to be two nights before the wedding so everyone only has to make one trip into town.” Stella added, “Forty-eight hours should be enough time to get David back from anywhere they might pack him off to.” A thought occurred to her, “How would your friends for the kitchen tea feel about painting walls?”

“Have the kitchen tea in your new kitchen, you mean? Her mother thought then said, “That could work.”

“If I get all the ceilings done beforehand and your friends could get just one coat on all the internal walls, that would be a real help,” Stella clarified.

“So,” her mother plied the eraser on the calendar and rescribbled things in, “house raising, kitchen tea, weekend off, then hens’ party/bucks’ night, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding in three days starting the following Friday?”

“Yes,” Stella nodded firmly.

“So, now we have a time line dear, what are you going to wear?”

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