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Scenes With The Sung
I wrote this to aldersprig's seventh prompt "Nai's brother, and how her siblings are dealing with her vanishing."

Hu, with great deliberation, was considering his options. He should have been a better brother to Nai, he knew how to be a better brother, but somehow the opportunities had slipped passed unnoticed. It was one of the problems of working with a young brain, you made the same mistakes because they were the mistakes you were inclined to by your physical nature.

He could do nothing, except prepare to welcome her and apologise on her return.

He could go looking for her.

He could distract their father from his disastrous plans for a quick fix of “the Nai problem” by revealing exactly who he was. That would lead to a confrontation because he knew Father had plans for what would happen after that and they were not Hu’s plans or desires for this life. Hu wanted a physically mature brain in his head for that fight.

He…he needed more information. If Nai was likely to be safe with her Master Que then there was no need to embarrass everyone by charging to her rescue. On the other hand… It still amazed him that neither of their parents had ever met the man. What Hu could do was make discreet enquiries and find out more about the gi teacher his younger sister had gone off with.


Ruh had been taken to yum cha by her older sisters who no longer lived at home. This meal was all about catching up because she was their mole under the parental roof. Kae, Mei and Hao wanted to know how Father’s scheme was progressing.

“He keeps interviewing matchmakers and go-betweens,” she reported to them, “and they keep refusing to get involved until they can meet Nai.”

All three women nodded approvingly. “Of course they want to know who they’re representing,” Hao commented.

“Just as long as Father doesn’t find one who’s happy to represent him and not her,” added Mei darkly.

“He can be very old-fashioned,” admitted Kae, “but Nai seems to take everything very personally. I mean, we get caught up in our own interests and that means we don’t like her?”

“But,” Mei paused with a gow gee on her chopsticks, “when did we ever show her that we do?”

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Yay, sisters thinking.

Yay, brother. Brother very interesting.

Yes, that brother is very interesting.

Note to self: More on both brother and older sisters next cal -D

Hu isn't her only older brother. Just the only one I've mentioned by name.

SOrry. That Brother and Those Sisters.

(I remember Nai's name because someone else always prompts it first. I'm, ah, bad with names.)

Yay, meeting Hu. :) Someone in the family should *finally* be asking about Master Que.

Dear Kae: I bet you do lots of things for your siblings. Want to sort those out by sibling over the last year or several and see how the stacks compare?

We've already established that "no-one" rang Nai for her last two birthdays...

Yup. I'm more wondering how the stacks compare. Do other siblings get a birthday greeting or two from the family members who are the least busy that day, or do most of them remember most of each other's birthdays or other notable events?

There should have been something organised for her sixteenth birthday, as there was for Ruh. For the other birthdays, you would expect to hear from most people.

For what ever reason/s, Nai's been an epic fail for them.

The fairy they didn't invite to her christening cursed her with being easily overlooked? >_>

It seems like it, doesn't it?

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