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Landing Page: The Angel Universe

I sometimes write stories set in a polytheistic world where angels are a theological and objective physical reality, created by the gods as their servants. The Benarians are convinced that they are the favoured people of the gods, while angels recruit and drop a word, or a scroll, in the ears of the wise to influence events and outside the bounds of creation the vard plot to undo everything. This is the home of Tala, the angel in service to Thaladaneth, The Thirteenth Swordlord known also as The Black Scabbard.

The stories in this universe so far are:


Choices And Consequences;

Just Curious;

An Angel With A Message;

The Man With The Bucket;

The First Of Her Kind;

The Work

Might Have Beens;

Tala’s Fight;

An Instructive Conversation;

The Need For Vigilance;

How Large Is The Problem;

Some Days Are Worse Than Others;


Finding Something To Run To;

Correcting Assumptions;

A Philosophical Discussion;



Back When There Was Water On The Moon;


A Staff With a Knob On It; and

Initial Orders.

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I did some rereading. Here, have an infodump. Also you've missed Afterlife - http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/91971.htm

Mortal names
Colexes - not a Benarian
Camoreen the Great - Senlorine?
Birgenes - a Benarian, previously of the Benarian brotherhood
Brother Laerches - brainwashed Benarian of the brotherhood
Orges - Benarian of the brotherhood
Leodes - Benarian of the brotherhood
Forgenes - Benarian from the seminary
Saprista - a Gelharine swordswoman
Apina - Gelharine
Haigenes - a farmhand, potentially worshipper of Hasnor's
Beliriel/Borneal - to-be innkeeper, worshipper(?) of Kheladare
Helgenes - dead Benarian

Mortal group/place names
Benarians - a people
Senlorines - a people
Zuccetan - a people,
Lipotene - a people, sailors
Senlor - a city
The Wash - a glacier atop Senlor
Xorxas - a city
Iboshoer - a city?

Angel names
They seem to be immune to fire?
Newly made angels wear a long white robe, and are shimmery.
Have free will, a desire to serve, a propensity to support the functioning of the universe, a talent for singing.
Choirs, Phalanxes, Congregations
Micorah - member of a general roving task pool that serves all the gods. Has large buff wings, sandy hair, wears a short tunic and trousers
Geneciah - mid-brown coloured wings, servant of Kheladare
Aldorachai - has dusky red wings, servant of Hasnor
Choirmasters - have large white wings
Jalira - golden winged, sandals and robes, in the choir of the Third Swordlord?
Menifi - teal winged, sandals and robes, in the choir of the Third Swordlord?
Hadural - drillmaster of one of the Swordlords, dead?

Dorthiel - olive-skinned with black wings
Tala - alternately checkered black and white feathers, silver-speckled dark eyes. Wears a belted thigh-length tunic and trousers with soft brown knee-high boots.
Lasrial - darkly clad with blue-grey wings, wields a spear
Gadiah - brown winged
Warial - mauve winged

Divine names
Thaladaneth, the Thirteenth swordlord, aka The Black Scabbard. Has gloomy automatons for servitors, lives in a place full of shadows and whispering shades of the dead. The chamber is lit by torches and braziers, with weapons and war gear scattered around and a candelabra for light in the centre.
One of 3 surviving swordlords. The other two are the Third and Seventh.
Has little more than 12 angels

Erithme, goddess of romantic love, murdered first in the Death War while bathing alone in the Pool of Beauty.
Soon after was an insane god, before the Swordlords
First Swordlord, dead

Hasnor, now god of all carnal love, previously god of homosexual love?

Fuldor, god of duty


Ebroum, whose servants wear no clothes

Kheladare, god of journeys

The Three Turns of the Tide, a book containing the prophecies of an insane god

baboon-like body, double bat wings, donkey tail
as large as an angel, and therefore probably as large as a human. Probably vary in size.
Miniatures of the Vardmasters.

Re: Woo landing page.

Thank you for the catch on Afterlife - it has been fixed.

A wiki for this setting has been suggested, so thank you for the above.

This is another setting that I quite enjoy - more than I thought I might from its brief description, but I'm not sure precisely why I was unsure. Possibly the attitude of the Benarians, but we really haven't had to deal with that much. At any rate, we likes it!

The Benarians were in the very first stories, so I thought they would be more prominent.

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