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Landing Page: Nai

Nai is the overlooked eighth child in a family of thirteen. At almost eighteen years old, her secondary education behind her and an ill-considered decision by her father to arrange the rest of her life in front of her, she runs away from home to test whether her gi teacher’s assessment of her abilities is correct. This takes her on a road trip across the pseudo-Chinese country of Tang-ji as she gathers the points she needs to compete in the provincial-level professional gi championships.

(I think of this series as a manga or anime, not so much “big eyes, small mouth” but the type where all the characters are Japanese but to my eyes, that’s not the way they look.)

The episodes in the main story are:

Wherein Nai Makes A Decision;

Wherein There Is A Tournament;

A Train Journey To Lanchow;

In Which There Is A Second Tournament;

A Third Tournament, Including An Incident;

In Which We Gloss Over Four Weeks And Reach Midsummer;

Unexpected Conversations;

The Final Two Days Of The Festival;

The Kwansu Tournament;

Time Progresses; and

In Which That Paid For, Is Received;

A Birthday Is Celebrated And Some Other Things;

A Conversation By Moonlight;

A First Class Train Trip From Kwailong To Bao Shung;

A Week in Bao Shung;

Surprises At The Provincial Tournament;

The Finals Of The Provincial Tournament;

In Which There Is An Important Conversation;

Getting Down To Business;

In Which I Gain An Admirer;

The Morning After My Victory;

In Which It Is Not All About Me;

In Which Tong Kwai Is Ensnared Due To No Fault Of His Own, Probably;

Sentencing and Ripples;

In Which We Get On A Train;

By Rail To Central Songmung Station;

Why Chomifong?;


The End of The Train Trip;

A New City;

An Offer Is Made;

In Which I Begin To Meet The Locals;

Housing, Orientation And Small Stuff;

Making Friends;

A Morning Of Things;

In Which Orientation Finishes Without Anyone Dying;

Domesticity and Business;

In Which We Do Not Observe Quiet Domesticity;

Matters Do Not Become Less Complex;

A More Normal Afternoon;

An Ordinary Evening Out;

Hopefully Not An Ordinary Evening Out;


A Full Afternoon;

Progress on Several Fronts;

An Ordinary Morning;

Halfway Through The First Week;

Mostly An Evening Out;

Last School Day of the Week (Part 1);

Last School Day of the Week (Part 2);

More Domesticity and Business;

Unexpected Afternoon Episodes;

Social Business;

It's Not All New Now;

Returning To The Scene of Someone Else's Crime;

In Which the Minutiae of Daily Life Do Not Grind;

I Manage To Cause Contention;

Thank Heaven, Not Everything That Happens Is About Me;

Disrupting Arrangements;

An Evening of Conversations;

Our First Day With Guests; and

New Friends and Acquaintances; and

The Last Day of the Second Week.

Thanks to readers’ prompts during my Prompt Calls we also have the following side stories:

Meanwhile, Back At Home;

Shui Tzu Dan Retires!;

Mother Makes Her Move;

In Which More Food For Thought Is Received;

Scenes With The Sung;

Back, Shortly After Nai Was Born...;


Meanwhile, Back In Jingshi;

Hu's Opinion;

Icing On The Cake;

Elephant In The Room;

The Thing That Happened In The Night;

A Parcel Is Received;

Scenes From A New Year's Party;

Master Que At Nineteen;

Master Que At Twenty;

Time to Move On;

A Return Bout In Changzhu;

Master Que at (Early) Fourteen;

Tomato, Tomato;

Nai Age Eleven;

When The Future Changed;

A Staff Issue;


Que Tzu and Madam Cai;

Family Traditions; and

A Conversation.

Readers’ prompts have also produced stories about Ha Ri, a foreign student who is one of Nai’s near contemporaries:

The Odd Kid Out;

A Serious Decision;

Questions Answered And Raised; and

Career Offer.

Also, someone asked me about magic and reincarnation in other parts of Nai's word and so we started hearing about Riggi, who's just started college/university in a northern hemisphere country to the north of Tang-ji:


There is also Xu Chi, who is not in the same time frame as everyone else:

Spilling the Beans.

Additionally, there have been several background pieces on this world:

September Prompt Request Background Piece: Nai's World – Gi;

Nai's World:Education; and

Nai's Family Tree.

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Nai's story is clearly a martial arts flick. :)

You have put SO much thought and work into this, and it shows. Nai is a delight to follow, and wise beyond her years. How often do she and the others you report on surprise you?

On a semi-regular basis.

Thank you for the kind words.

Ditto to that.

Obviously I have a lot of catching up to do. Bookmarking this landing page.

Thank goodness there is a landing page - there's over 79.000 words in there....

i know you dont accept commissions/donations on continuing with Nai Sung as you are [always? at least semi-] actively working on that, but do you for other works in her world? I miss having new words to read, and find myself always coming back to it :)

I have a half written story about Ha Ri and Rau Wang I should finish.

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