rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Landing Page: The Winged Cat Universe

I wrote this in response to ankewehner's prompt "A landing page for one of your serials."

The “winged cat universe” is a modern world in which magic exists but is not necessarily socially acceptable. One family is finding that they have to make adjustments for current developments and past actions as the past’s shadows make themselves felt.

The stories in this series so far are:

Under theChristmas Tree;

November Prompt Request Background Piece - Familiars In The Winged Cat Universe 100.5;

At Christmas Lunch;

Familiar With Claws;

An Unexpected, Hidden…Truth;

So, What Does That Mean?;

A New Alliance; and

Green As Grass.

Tags: landing page - winged cat universe, prompt request jan 13, winged cat universe
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