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December Prompt Request Summary

This month I received prompts from eleven prompters and wrote 26 stories, including an episode of Nai, in response.  The stories were:

Questions Answered And Raised;
At Christmas Lunch;
Mother Makes Her Move;
Gambit Number Three;
The Trader;
Mayin's Lack Of A Love Life Analyzed;
In Which More Food For Thought Is Received;
How Large Is The Problem?;
Assignment Interview With The Dean;
A New Tradition;
Some Days Are Worse Than Others...;
Familiar With Claws;
Opening Addresses;
Seeds Of The Revolution;
Christmas Is About Family;
An Awkward Situation;
Land Release;
Buried Issues Arise;
Interview With An Antagonist;
It's Different Here;
The Day After The Wedding;
Family Lost And Found;
Truth In Rumour; and
In Which We Gloss Over Four Weeks And Reach Midsummer.

Because there were 26 stories, I wrote two background pieces Nai's World: Education and Rensa's World: Education.

I also received money for funded extensions this month and so wrote After Action Repor , Gideon's Work nd An Unexpected, Hidden...Truth.

The Prompters' Story is now long enough that I had to continue it in a second post.  It can now be found here and here.

Thank you everyone who participated and commented.

As it is now twelve months since I started this, if not 12 prompt requests, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how this might work better.  Are there boosting bonuses you'd rather see than what's currently available?  Please let me know.
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