rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Why Did She Keep It?

I wrote this for the kink_bingo January mini-challenge for the "collars" square on the communal card I picked.

“So, why did you really want to keep the collar?”  Therakles and Hesiope were eating dinner together.

“It’s beautiful,” Hesiope told him, “and I like pretty things but living out of saddlebags, I don’t have space for clothes or ornaments.  Jewellery’s a bad idea for a courier – too many people think we shouldn’t have valuables.  The castellan’s wife at Hadrasan used to confiscate things and give them to the King’s Messenger ‘to be returned to their rightful owner.’  No-one’s tried to confiscate this.”  She smiled shyly at him, “Three or four people have asked me who made it.”

Tags: hesiope, mini-kink bingo, therakles
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