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Landing Page - Rensa

It has been suggested that I do a landing page for Rensa so anyone who stumbles on these stories can read them in order. The Rensa stories are set in what I consider a sci-fi universe, although this may not be immediately obvious. There are some other stories set in the same universe but not on the same planet which I will include on this page because although they don’t affect Rensa they do help explain the background. The Rensa stories, in order, are:
The Answer;
In Which There is Cleanliness and Discussion;
Not Too Early To Start;
Food And Other Issues;
A Few Ideas;
Exposition ;
Shopping Is Not As Easy As It Seems;
Dresses ;
The Dress ;
A Day In The Life Of... ;
Personal Issues;
Returning From The Memorial;
A Discussion of What Could Have Been;
Meeting His Mother;
About The First Wife's Family;
Wedding Preliminaries;
Going The Back Ways;
Heart to Heart;
Confession and Penance;
Wedding Day;
Dealing With Objections;
A Frank Discussion;
About That Bet;
An Audience;
Twelve Month Recap - a background piece for the July Prompt Call;
The Palace Will Shortly Be Making An Announcement;
Early Morning Reflections;
Back To The Clothes Shops;
Looking For Needles In The Haystack;
Buried Issues Arise;
Looking for Solutions
A Possible Way Ahead;
Viewing The Moon Rises;
Faceta Park;
Sometimes Paying Attention Isn't As Easy As You Might Think;
The New Guy;
Gifting; and
Almost Everything.... .

The Iphana stories are set on another planet in the same universe.

The other stories in the same universe are:
Fire Sign I ;
Return Visit – this one explains quite a bit about the background, although it is very short.;
Paradigm Shift;
Myth and Mythic Figures;
Rensa's History - A Working Conversation;
Full Circle;
Choosing A Starting Point;
The Project; and
Sometimes Paying Attention Isn't As Easy As You Might Think.

Background pieces:
Rensa's Universe Background Information Entry;
Rensa's Universe: Background 2;
Rensa's World:  Education; and
Rensa for MarWomen.

I hope you enjoy these stories. Rix

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