rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Another Bingo Attempt

Inspired by aldersprig, drained by a hot (41.1 degrees Celsiuis at my local weather station) day and a touch disheartened because my second Dark Fantasy story is working out longer than I hoped, I decided to attempt the kink_bingo January mini-challenge.  The communal card I liked is below the cut.

Row 1: crossdressing, exposure/striptease, bondage (held down), teasing, authority figures; Row 2: smacking/slapping, medical kink, gags, collars, consent play; Row 3: mind control/amnesia, painplay (other), free space, ageplay, dirty talk; Row 4: food, humiliation (in public), confined/caged, sensory deprivation, genital torture; Row 5: breathplay, sleepy/unconscious, chastity devices, sensation play, voyeurism
Tags: mini-kink bingo
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