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After Action Report
The Elf
This is a paid extension to Gambit Number Three sponsored by ysabetwordsmith.

“Well sir,” the duty officer had compiled the after action reports and was giving the elf a summary, “all devices have been neutralised and recovered.  There were some minor injuries to our people and the fire fighters but there are three from one of the arson teams in critical condition in hospital and one dead from another team.”

The elf looked surprised.  “I expected a tidier take down from our people.”

“Not our people sir.”  The duty officer ran his finger down the clip board.  “The dead man was bitten by a snake, from the description his companions gave it’s believed to be an eastern brown snake.  The other three were rescued in that condition; apparently they took refuge from the conditions they created in the shade of some trees at what they thought was a safe distance from the fire, not realising how far fire can jump to gums in those sorts of conditions.”

“Will they live?”

“The doctors are hopeful sir, but they’ve been charged with arson and their intensive care unit is under police guard.”

“If there’s nothing else,” the elf observed, “then we can put this incident to bed and wait to see what they come up with next time.”

“Yes sir.”

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Ooh, you have an ice icon!

Also: Ooh, they didn't expect the environment to bite back!!

No. They didn't. But who expects fire to jump 100 yards of clear ground?

People who watch news coverage of wildfires?

Such a pretty icon...

And yeah, clearly not them :-D

It is a nice icon, isn't it?

I am drooling over all your pretty icons!

*giggle* sorry

Feast or famine; I have so MANY icons in the other account that many of them get forgotten.

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