rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

The Day After The Wedding

I wrote this to aldersprig's tenth prompt "More Rune."

“You and my Uncle Caliburn have a very similar taste in cars,” Rune smiled at her new husband.  He was driving them to their honeymoon location in his red, Milanese-built sports car.  Rune was glad it wasn’t a convertible, otherwise it would have been completely unsuitable for much of the year and Franz seemed to enjoy his car very much.  She wasn’t sure how it would handle snow though, it seemed very low slung.

“Yes, we talked about cars last night at the reception.  He’s owned a couple I wish I’d had the chance to drive.  Where to at this intersection up ahead?”  He changed gears.

Rune consulted the map.  “We need to go right and then left at the next turn after that.”

“Okay.  Why did your uncle lend us this place?  It seems to be a long way from anywhere.”  Franz kept his eyes on the road.

“I think he thought we might need to keep the media at bay, some of them were being very intrusive in the lead up to the wedding.”  Her forehead wrinkled for a moment, “I think he said something about if we liked it, he’d give it to us for a summer home, but that was at a family pre-wedding dinner and I was a bit confused at that point.”

“Confused?”  He spared her a glance and gave her a smile at the same time.

“I’d had Olvera, wine, Douro, a nip of plum brandy and quite a lot of sugar.  My attention to and my comprehension of what was said to me were not up to scratch.”  She smiled.  “I’m still not used to dinners that are that…extensive.”

“I’ll keep that list in mind in case I need to get you sweetly muddled.” He squinted at the road ahead, “Is that a driveway or the turn.”

“A driveway,” Rune confirmed.  “Why would you need to get me muddled?”

“Well, nothing happened last night-“

“Except exhausted sleep and some very nice cuddling that was interrupted by someone with no sense of timing,” Rune almost pouted.  “I think I’d rather have my wits about me, thank you.”

“Oh,” He sounded like he was filing information away for future reference.  “Why?”

“Because I think you’re worth paying attention to.”

“Ah.”  That got his interest.  “Hold that thought, please?  I think you’re worth paying attention to too.”

Tags: archduke franz, prompt request dec 12, rune, rune graymalk
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