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An Awkward Situation
I wrote this to lilfluff's fourth prompt "Alternate Atlantises (Atlantii?) run into each other."

“You told me,” hissed the politician to the scientist in charge, “to ask it something theoretical.  “What would happen if Atlantis hadn’t fallen?” seemed theoretical enough to me!”

“I agree, Minister,” the Director of the Institute replied.  “I was expecting a few minutes of processing and a printout of predictions, not this…”  He glanced over at the new arrivals.  “As they are representatives of foreign governments, isn’t this a diplomatic matter?”

“Probably.  In fact, I’m certain of it, but I don’t know how I’m going to tell the Foreign Minister that he and his Department have to talk to a bunch of people whose countries don’t exist in our world and who were abducted by your machine.”

The three men who were the focal point of the room had nothing in common except that they had been plucked from their normal lives a few moments ago and deposited by unknown means in this strange place.  They certainly didn’t share a language.  One of them had already classified everyone in the room, besides himself, as a barbarian.  The shortest, darkest one was thinking in terms of trade agreements because all these strangers obviously made things, things were goods and goods meant trade.  The biggest one, the blond, found it interesting that no-one in a uniform was in evidence, yet, as he surveyed the room, checking the exits.

One of the cluster of students, brought in to provide a suitable backdrop for the Minister’s photo opportunity looked at the refreshment table, the unexpected arrivals and back again.  “Right,” she said firmly, “anybody else here work hospitality to pay the bills?  I figure offering these people food and drink is a good place to start.”

Ten minutes later when she offered the Minister and the Director coffee from her tray the Director asked, “Miss Coussens, forgive me, but what are you doing?”

“Offering hospitality, sir, and finding out more about our new arrivals,” she added milk to his coffee for him.  “They all know what coffee is and they’ll eat the chicken, turkey and vegetarian wraps.  Oh, and I think the big, blond one asked if there was any beer.”

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Iiiinteresting. Any relationship to the Atlantis in the Atlanteans Return sequence?

No. I thought about it, and deliberately left them out.


Shades of 'Dancer from Atlantis'.

Miss Coussens is very good at her job. She should get a bonus. ^_^

Miss Coussens is a bright student working on her thesis. She also has a good face for the background of a Ministerial photo opportunity. Plus she waitresses to help pay her way through university...

(She can work out what one of them might have been saying because she's used to trying to understand backpackers and other tourists?)

Edited at 2012-12-29 06:41 am (UTC)

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