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November Prompt Request Summary

Thank you everyone who prompted and commented in last month's Prompt Request.  I there were five prompters for whom I wrote the following stories:

Back To The Clothes Shops
Scenes On A Wedding Day 1
Scenes On A Wedding Day 2
Trick Or Treat?
The Need For Vigilance
Looking For Needles In The Haystack
Inheritance 3
Complications On Halloween
Potted Biograpy Of An Implacable One
The Atlanteans' Return - Part IV
A Serious Decision
When Déjà Vu Stops
Job Interview
Under The Christmas Tree
Scenes On a Wedding Day 4
Coffee Stop
No Unicorn
Luck Spirits
Scenes On A Wedding Day 5
He's Put A Team Together
Then They Started Making A Plan
Meanwhile, Back At Home

I then wrote three background pieces:

November Prompt Request Background Piece - Familiars In The Winged Cat Universe 100.5
November Prompt Request Background Piece: A World In Rensa's Universe
Shui Tzu Dan Retires!

The Prompters' Story continues.

Thank you again for your participation and encouragement.

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