rix_scaedu (rix_scaedu) wrote,

Shui Tzu Dan Retires!

I wrote this to kelkyag's suggestion in the discussion on background pieces for the November Prompt Request.  I know this makes three pieces and I don' care.  :)

Shui Tzu Dan, one of the most unpopular gi fighters in the professional circuits, has today announced his retirement from professional gi.  Despite his impressive record Shui Tzu Dan is the fighter the fans love to hate, with his appearances on the tournament floor being routinely greeted by boos and hisses.  Renowned for going for the quick kill, his tally of victories includes ten national professional open division championships and multiple other national level titles.

When asked why he was retiring, Shui Tzu Dan told the press conference, “I decided it was time to go before I got tired.  I may take on a few students and I may develop a few interests aside from how best to maim my fellow man.”

His decision to retire now changes the picture for next year’s round of championships completely.  Whatever happens, Shui Tzu Dan intends to watch it as a private person from the stands.

Tags: master que, nai, prompt request nov 12, tang-ji
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