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Shui Tzu Dan Retires!
I wrote this to kelkyag's suggestion in the discussion on background pieces for the November Prompt Request.  I know this makes three pieces and I don' care.  :)

Shui Tzu Dan, one of the most unpopular gi fighters in the professional circuits, has today announced his retirement from professional gi.  Despite his impressive record Shui Tzu Dan is the fighter the fans love to hate, with his appearances on the tournament floor being routinely greeted by boos and hisses.  Renowned for going for the quick kill, his tally of victories includes ten national professional open division championships and multiple other national level titles.

When asked why he was retiring, Shui Tzu Dan told the press conference, “I decided it was time to go before I got tired.  I may take on a few students and I may develop a few interests aside from how best to maim my fellow man.”

His decision to retire now changes the picture for next year’s round of championships completely.  Whatever happens, Shui Tzu Dan intends to watch it as a private person from the stands.

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I giggled a bit at 'interests aside from how best to maim my fellow man'. ^_^

Well, it does say that he goes 'for the quick kill.' :)

Ooooh, that's a rough set of footsteps to follow in. Hope Nai is up to it if she inherits being a fan anti-favorite.

How long ago did he retire?

At least 12 years ago.

And I think she's quite a different fighter. He thinks she worries too much about hurting her opponents.

She is, but being announced as his student she might inherit some of his reputation anyway, at least until people who remember him know her well enough on her own merits. Or if he convinces her to worry less about hurting her opponents ...

Or he's been out of the spot light long enough for the memory to have faded. It shouldn't be too much of a problem in her first year...

Based on one data point -- that being the police officer -- he hasn't faded out of collective memory totally. :)

Or the police have had more recent contact with him.

If that's percolated back home already, case pretty much closed ...

And people trying to be tactful about what they can and cannot do.

Ah hah! He was a "bad" guy in the fighting leagues! No wonder his mask is shaped like a demon.

I somehow see him as being an avid knitter. Don't know why, but I can picture him calmly knitting a sweater as he talks to a student about how to "main his fellow man".

-Friendly Anon

While occasionally taking sips of brown liquid that may or may not be tea. I'm not sure about knitting, but that calm aura is right. :)

Edited at 2012-12-02 06:35 pm (UTC)

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