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November Prompt Request Background Piece - Familiars In The Winged Cat Universe 100.5

Here is one of November's two background pieces.  This one is in response to Friendly Anon's questions about familiars.

Familiars cannot be gifted.  You cannot just give a magic wielder an animal, say, “This is your familiar,” and have it be so.  Familiars cannot be chosen, so there is no point in hovering of a litter of some sort of kittens, pups, cubs, puggles or joeys and picking the one you fancy.  If you’re going to have a familiar, then the familiar will chose you.  It will probably turn up unexpectedly and at the most inconvenient or appropriate time possible.

Not all magic wielders want, need or get familiars.  The consensus is that their style of magic doesn’t need one.  The majority who don’t have a familiar don’t want one, however some do.  Every so often there’ll be a magic wielder who obsesses on gaining a familiar.  The individual circumstances of these tales vary from tragic, though horror to comedy.  The last, although it involved a mundane animal control officer and not a magic wielder, can be attested to by the case of Blackwater v City of Concord in which Ms Honey Blackwater was found not liable for the damage caused by her familiar, Blake, when he escaped from the city pound after being taken from Ms Blackwater’s property by an overzealous council employees.  The court also found that the council’s animal control officers had been actively harassing Ms Blackwater and her familiar and that the council therefore owed her damages.  The matter is famous in film circles because a number of studios have refused to film sequences based on the final events of the incident because it was too fantastical.  This is despite the existence of original surveillance footage.

Of course, matters in the Blackwater case would probably not have escalated to the extent they did if Blake had been a cat or a member of an obviously magical species.  Instead, Blake appears to be a large, black dog - that breathes out fire.

Enquiries as to his species continue.

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