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November Prompt Request Background Pieces
I've just counted up how many prompts I've written to and with one still to go, I've done 23.

That means two background pieces.  What would people like to hear about?  If you don't tell me, I won't know.

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Hmmmmm, would it be too soon to get background on the winged kitten universe? Doesn't seem like you would have much background built up after writing just one short story.

If you have a good topic in mind for a Nai universe piece that could be fun. Other wise maybe a Rensa universe piece about a non Rensa world?

-Friendly Anon

If there's something in particular you want to know about the winged kitten universe, let me know and I'll have a think. We might both learn something!

Any particular non-Rensa world?

Okay. I can do questions!

Do all magically talented people get familiars? Are familiars real species that live in the wild as well or are familiars magical constructs that just appear? (As in, are there populations of winged cats living somewher?) Do all people get the same type of familiar?

Why is the family seemingly upset about the children having magic? They seem to have reacted as if being told their children have some sort of disease. How common is magical talent in the world? What types of jobs to they tend to do? Does the government control them in any specific way?

There! Lots of questions! Maybe you can decide what answers wouldn't spoil future stories too much?

I actually can't think of which non-Rensa world in the Rensa-verse. Maybe that wasn't a very good suggestion, haha.

-Friendly Anon

If Nai's world, I'd be interested in any of Master Que's backstory (does that count?), the various gi schools, birth prophecies, the reborn leadership ...

Ohhh! I was just thinking about how I wonder if a person is born to particular gi school or if it is training that determines your gi school. Do gi masters select children knowing that they are meant to be Hoshun or Laosung or whatever? Maybe that could be included if possible? Or I can save that question for another time.

-Friendly Anon

Aagh! I now have enough ideas for two or three more pieces! Help!

I think I'll have to wait till next time for these ones. I've written three of two pieces already. :)

Your second idea is here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/125070.html

I'm sorry I got the name of the story wrong last time I told you about it.

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