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Then They Started Making A Plan

I wrote this to aldersprig's 13th prompt "The waterfall, and what lies behind it."  It follows on from He Put A Team Together and if anyone would like to know the significance of Faruma being abandoned, that's covered here.  It's folllowed by The First Stage.

Spatelli sat down in the fourth chair and pointedly ignored the broken trencher in front of Liana.  “Over winter I came across some information about a lost Dirividdi stronghold up in the high ranges.  I know how to get there and I know how to get in but don’t know what’s in there or why it was abandoned, if it was abandoned.”

“I won’t ask whose vaults you broke into,” grinned Capalini for a moment before the smile dropped off his face, “but what do you mean ‘if it was abandoned’?”

“The documents I saw seemed to indicate that the stronghold simply ceased communicating,” answered Spatelli.  “This was about the time Faruma was abandoned so there was a lot of turmoil going on but these records were very complete and this place just drops out of them.”

“So, theoretically, it could be a death trap,” commented Liana, “full of the dead and whatever killed them.”

“And if the dead aren’t already lying down, that’s where I’m useful,” commented Giuffre dryly.  “Putting the hungry dead to rest is a virtuous enough way to spend the summer and there should be a song or two in it afterwards.  You said this place is in the high ranges.  Can we get there yet?”

Spatelli leaned forward, “The entrance is behind a waterfall that’s fed by one of the glaciers that come off the Mother’s Saddle. It’s possible the glacier could have grown long enough to drop ice over the cliff as well as water but if we don’t go now…”

“We can’t rely on the length of summer or autumn,” agreed Capalini.  He then went on in a business-like fashion, “We’ll all need winter sleeping rolls and coats. I’ve got a few things I want to pick up for warming spells and I think we should have a Dirividdi primer with us.”

“And a dictionary,” agreed Giuffre.  “We wouldn’t want to come to grief because we couldn’t read an inscription.  I’ll need to lay in some healing supplies.”

“Rope,” contributed Liana.  “Pitons, wedges, torches, lanterns and oil, extra flint and steel.”  She took in a deep breath.  “Are we taking riding and pack animals or would they just be so much bear bait?”

Tags: capalini, giuffre, liana fieri, prompt request nov 12, spatelli, tarrascotti, trideian
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