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Job Interview

I wrote this to aldersprig's first asterisked prompt, "Addergoole hires a new teacher."  This is set in her Fae-Apoc world which I do know just enough about not to stuff up.  I don't know when exactly this would happen but I think it would be after the events of her current serial, Addergoole Year Nine.  (Addergoole Year Nine may contain material with triggers for some people or which is not safe for work.)

The interview was being held in a hotel suite, the better to allow for privacy and keep a distance from the interviewer’s Sanctity.  Caspar von Stoffenberg could appreciate that, after all you didn’t get to be a free Ellehemaei of any age without taking some precautions.  He had taken his own when this interview was being negotiated.

A neat, brown haired woman let him into the suite when he knocked.  “Doctor von Stoffenberg?”  He nodded in response.  “Please enter if you mean those herein no ill.”

He stepped over the threshold and the woman took his hat and coat.  “Director Avonmorea is waiting for you through here.”  She led him out of the entranceway and into the suite’s sitting room where an ice blonde woman waited.  “Director, this is Herr Doctor von Stoffenberg.”  Having introduced him, the brown haired woman took herself into a bedroom and closed the door.

The two Ellemhemaei shook hands and exchanged polite words.  Caspar thought the flawless blonde was probably Grigori under her Mask.  Her manner was cold enough for it.  He wasn’t surprised then that her first question was, “Herr Doctor, your teaching, language and music qualifications are excellent as are your references.”  Neither of them mentioned that the references went back over two hundred years.  “I understand that you have an excellent position in a Swiss boarding school.  Why are you looking for new place?”

“I’m not a Cassandra,” Caspar said apologetically, “but occasionally I get the feeling I should do something for my own good.  In 1932, for instance,” he offered as an example, “I felt I should leave Vienna, get out of Austria completely.”

“And now?” prompted the Director.

“I have the feeling that I should get out of Europe.”

“Ah.”  The Director nodded and her perfect hair just fell back into place.  “Now, do you prefer to teach German or music?”

“I originally trained as a musician but I retrained as a Classics teacher when I realised that I would need to drop all my acquaintances and professional colleagues every fifty-odd years.  Alternating professions makes it easier not to run into people who would realise that I’m too old.  Classics went out of fashion so I took up teaching German instead of Latin, Ancient Greek and Hebrew.”

The Director looked very interested.  “So, Herr Doctor, would you be prepared to take part in our Mentoring program and to teach specific Word classes to students who might not be your Students?”

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