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The Atlanteans' Return - Part IV
I wrote this to lilfluff's third prompt, "What changes in the world will the Atlanteans notice the most?"

 “I suppose,” ventured Archduke Josef in Atlantean, “you and your companions have not yet had time to assess all the changes that have taken place in the past two thousand years.”

“Atlantis is no more, fallen beneath the waves,” replied Hzoreda!.  “All other changes flow from that, surely?”  She was leading them to the Navigator through corridors that were considerably tighter than they would have been on an airship of the same size.

Archduke Josef reminded himself that they had to fit all those colonists in somehow and the suitability of the cross corridors and niches for ambushes was a side effect of the design, not a driver of that design.  “My Imperial master thought you should know the value of your time,” he handed her a folder, the papers inside written in Atlantean, “because every scholar on the planet who’s built a career and reputation on the study of Atlantis is going to want to confirm their theories by talking to actual Atlanteans.  You need modern resources and there is no need for even your lowest, common pool labourers to give their time to these people.  We have also taken the liberty of providing the names and contact details of several legal firms specialising in patent law in each of the major jurisdictions – your guildsmen may be able to obtain protection for some of their processes.”

“Why are you helping us this way?”  She was slightly puzzled.  “It cannot be in your interest to see us come to power again.  We would displace you.”

“Neither is it in our interests to see you starve or be cheated,” replied the Terrencian Archduke.  “I am under instructions to demonstrate the Emperor’s intentions to deal fairly with you.”

Naturally that was when the ambush hit them.

Five minutes later the attacking Atlanteans were groaning on the ground.  One of them had a broken arm, another was probably concussed and there was a scattered serving of fractured ribs among them.

“How?”  The one who’d led the Atlanteans down the ramp when it had first opened really looked as if he couldn’t understand what had happened.  “We are Atlanteans, you are barbarians.  You don’t have our advantages…”

“We’re at least as well fed as you,” Archduke Josef told him while his body guards loomed over the downed Atlanteans and the Kongoese Flight Lieutenant collected their weapons, “and we have been all our lives.  Plus while you were sleeping your way to the stars and back we had two thousand years to get better at unarmed combat.  Besides did you really think that no-one would ever duplicate what you did to your bodies?”  The Archduke smiled and the Atlanteans cringed.

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Thank you.

So he exaggerates with the body mods, only his bodyguards have got them. Mind you, they probably don't think much of the Atlanteans' knife fighting skills...

*laughs* I love that the Atlanteans didn't think the others might have improved.

I wonder how long their civilization stood, that they don't think much of two thousand years of development -- with examples of what is possible to accomplish, too.

They've always been ahead of anyone they've met, so this has thrown them.

They're barbarians, they can never be as good as us!

Barbarians improve? Barbarians are barbarians. That's why they're called barbarians. If they could improve they'd already be nice civilized Atlanteans. QED. (Ability to realize this is not the case will likely determine their survivability. :p And likelyhood of profiting.)


"every scholar on the planet who’s built his or her career and reputation on the study of Atlantis is going to want to confirm their theories by talking to actual Atlanteans."

The mix of "his or her" and then "their" throws me a bit.

"legal firms specialising in patent law in each of major jurisdictions"

Either "each major jurisdiction" or "each of the major jurisdictions"?

(And I wish to attack with a bag of commas.)

Thank you. *covers face in embarassment*

I have put in two missing words and replaced "his or her". You will probably still want to attack with commas.

Over one typo? The number of times I have had to go back and edit, or just look foolish, because I changed sentence structures mid-way through and didn't go back and make the two halves work together ...

We have different comma philosophies, I expect, and trying to make you use mine would make both of us cranky. :)

I think you shouldn't have to do the work for me?

The Atlanteans are pretty much idiots, aren't they! "Let's upset the party that is trying to help us deal with an entire world full of people, that'll go well."

Reminded of the Atlanteans in one Nanoha fanfic. "Oh look, the descendants of the rebels of Al Hazred have formed play-governments. How cute and amusing. Oh look, they've lobbed some sort of non-magical metal projectile at the monsters we've sent to pacify that coastal city.

"What the (extremely censored) how the (even more censored) did they vaporize the whole herd with a non-magical weapon! Nuke? What is this nuke you speak of?"

This lot might have deathray crystals but they don't seem to have run across a sniper rifle before.

Some of the leadership group are not coping well with their change in status compared to the rest of the world.

Solution: seize a valuable hostage and make people respect you!

Which is in a way proof they subconsciously feel their status eroding and take irrational actions to attempt to restore it. Truly superior people don't need to take hostages to be respected!

But it's always worked before! (When they had gunships to back them up.)

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