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Prompters' Story Question
frustrated mother of teenager
Dear Readers,

Those of you have been reading my Prompters' Story know that the closest thing our female lead has to a name at the moment is "not-Karen" but the time is approaching when she will be reunited with her own name.

I am asking for suggestions as to what it should be.  My thoughts are that it should be English/British, German or Byzantine Greek in origin though I am open to all suggestions.  (Russian or Spanish would not be unreasonable either.)

I look forward to your input,


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I don't have anything thoughts right now, but I'll chew on it a bit.

British: Bryony, meaning "vine."
German: Hannelore, meaning "gracious."
Byzantine Greek: Herena, meaning "peaceful."
Russian: Iskra, meaning "spark."
Spanish: Solana, meaning "sunshine."

Thank you. I have written them down.

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