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October Prompt Request Background Pieces
Dear Readers,

I have just counted up the prompts I've written to so far and I owe you two background pieces.

So, what would you like to hear about?  Please tell me or I won't know.

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Life on Rensa's world for not-the-Imperial-family, before the recent revolution. Maybe what some of the revolutionaries were up to before or in the early phases of the revolution, if that's not too much like story rather than background?

Background on the war Mayin fought in, and/or the peoples involved?

Pretty much anything, anytime, on the world Rune is from. (There are active stories in how many generations?)

Second all of these.

Hrrm. The Atlanteans?

The Atlanteans are part of the same world as Rune, I think! And that chunk of history would be a fine thing to hear more about.

Background on Mayin please
And if there's time/words, the (odd?) marriage customs of the two peoples they're from
Alternately/Also, more on the magic system. The concept of 'luck witch' is interesting - what else is there?

I'm less interested in Rensa/Rune. Too much people and fragmented vignettes over too much time, I don't remember enough of it to care.

Keeping track of your universes is hard.

The universes sometimes start breeding or spawning or something. I don't think they follow me home.

There's a bit on the Atlanteans here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/115295.html

Now to work on the war...

<imagine universes as small bouncy puppies barking and tumbling over your feet: "Write me, write me, write me!">

Most of them aren;t like that. :)

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