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The Odd Kid Out
I have written this to lilfluff's fifth prompt.

Harry was on the floor.  The other sixteen year old boy was astride him, pinning him to the ground with ill intent.  He hadn’t gotten on with Shu Wan when they started school together and they still didn’t get on.  Reasonable people didn’t attack you when they were visiting another master’s gi school with their own master but it seemed that Shu Wan and his companion, Goh Jun, weren’t reasonable.  They were guests and even a foreigner like Harry knew there were things you couldn’t do to guests despite provocation.  Shu Wan was pulling back his hand in a two-pronged gesture of the fingers that was probably going to be an attack on his eyes.  Their masters taught different schools of gi so Harry wasn’t sure what it might be but it wasn’t going to be good.

“Ha Ri,” that was Master Won pronouncing Harry’s given name as he always had, as if it were a two word local name, surname and given, “you may fight back and you may hurt him.”

Palms flat on the floor underneath him, Harry bucked with his body and Shu Wan flew off while Harry proceeded to flick himself onto his feet.  While the other boy was scrambling to his feet with an indignant scowl, Harry erected the barrier to contain the energies they were playing with around them.  Then he sent an air blast at Shu Wan’s chest.  The other boy didn’t dodge and staggered.

Shu Wan’s response crossed with Harry’s next air blast but instead of dodging Harry blocked and the fireball spread out across the shield of dense, spinning air.  Frustrated, Shu Wan leapt across the floor to get at an unprotected angle, making Goh Jun dodge out of his way in the process.  Harry brought up a second, full length shield as he did so and then sent out another air blast to where he thought Shu Wan was going to wind up.  In the background Harry could hear the two masters saying something to each other but that wasn’t what he was paying attention to.

Shu Wan was pulling his arm back in a punch-like manoeuvre that was obviously going to do something, when Master Won declared, “Enough!”

The visiting master, Master Ling, added, “Shu Wan, be still!”  When his student complied and lowered his arm he added, “Master Won, I have seen enough thanks to my…student.  I will endorse your recommendation to the Illustrious Board of Referees that they accept Ha Ri for training.”

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I'm liking this world more and more.

Thank you.

This was my third start on this one. It sort of needed the right place in his timeline for a short story.

Edited at 2012-10-25 10:34 pm (UTC)

Interesting stuff! Future competition for Nai maybe...

I'm sort of playing with the idea that this is happening in Nai's 'now'.

Shu Wan is, of course, inspired by every bully that's ever turned up in a movie like "The Karate Kid".

He so is. On the other hand (at least, if I am not reading in unintended tone), his teacher appears *not* to be encouraging this the way some of the ones in the movie were.

I hope putting up the containing barrier is one of the things Master Ling noticed and is giving Harry credit for.

Also, moar, please?

The barrier is a referee function at tournaments. Harry seems to be quite good at it.

Aaaah! He is asking to train to *become* a referee. I missed that. I thought somehow the referees were also responsible for determining who should progress to advanced (combat/gi) training. Thank you.

I do like this setting. I am curious about this martial art that seems to share a name with the suit worn by Karate participants (Gi).

About the name, I know but I didn't want to call it ki.

I'm not a martial artist so please don't expect anything in the way of a proper technical write-up ever, but there is more about the history of gi in "Wherein There Is A Tournament" ( http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/103506.html) and "September Prompt Request Background Piece: Nai's World - Gi" (http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/106161.html).

Ah yes - I have read those but forgotten. My brain…

Ah don't worry about the word/name - my brain is weird in many ways and one way is the things it decides to perseverate upon.

I wasn't sure if you'd read them and I can't expect everyone to remember everything I've written, I mean I need to go back and check things when I'm doing follow-ups..

You too? Sibling!

Dr. Whomster... word-obsessed

Yeah, I have multiple sclerosis and one of the things that has got worse with the damage that the MonSter wreaks is the perseveration and pedantry.

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