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October Prompt Request

The Prompt Request is open from now (Monday, 1 October, my time) until sometime Saturday, 13 October, my time.  now closed.  Thank you everyone who prompted and signal boosted.

If you give me more than one prompt you need to know that I will work through the list in order starting at the top.

The rules and parameters:

1.      Each prompt will be:

a.       a short sentence or phrase;

b.      a story of mine posted to LJ you want to see more of – it does not need to come from a Prompt Request; or

c.       characters of mine from stories posted on LJ – they do not need to come from a Prompt Request.

2.      For each prompt I write to I will write 300±50 words.  If you want to see something I’ve done along these lines before, please see the results of my July and September Prompt Requests.  I have found that stories sometimes carry me away and you may get more than 350 words due to no fault of yours.

3.      I will write one prompt per person, unless you signal boost this Prompt Request or a story from it , in which case I will write an additional prompt per site/platform you boost on i.e. one prompt each on LJ, Twitter, Dreamwidth, etc, for each day of the prompt request you signal boost.  I am setting an arbitrary limit of 14 extra prompts per prompter from boosting.  You will need to tell me about your boosts because I am not across every site and platform.

4.      For each prompter I get, I will write 50 words in a prompting reward serial story;

5.      No fanfic, I just don’t know enough about enough current series and settings to do your favourites justice – give me a name or names and I promise what you get will not be the people you know and love; and

6.      Please, nothing that has to be porn – I have to be in the mood to write that sort of thing and I would like to be able to post these stories without warnings.  (Yes, I know, 1b & 1c could produce prompts that are almost like that.)

7.      For every ten prompt-based pieces I write I will I write a background piece on a world or character, subject to be chosen by audience poll.

Why am I doing this?  Practice!  Plus I’ve found that I enjoy the interaction with all of you.

And yes, there is a tip jar.  This is for extensions.  I will write extensions at 500 words per $5.00.

1.      If I receive any money for extensions I can no longer be flabbergasted because that’s already happened but I will be very surprised. J

2.      For every $15 I receive for paid extensions I will write to one more prompt, chosen by those who have paid for extensions, from any ‘unsupported’ prompts received in the Prompt Request.  This will occur after I have written the paid extensions.  An ‘unsupported’ prompt is one which does not have a signal boost to support it.

If you are kind enough to give me more signal boosts than you want to prompt, I will use each of your ‘left over’ signal boosts to power another 50 words in the prompt reward story.

Please tell me where you’ve signal boosted as a reply to your comment giving me prompts.

Thank you for participating.

Prompt Extensions

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Signal Boost: Rix's Prompt Call

User aldersprig referenced to your post from Signal Boost: Rix's Prompt Call saying: [...] is holding a Prompt Call! [...]

More Rensa!

Wooden flowers

The Time I Won by Getting Kidnapped

The mail's in the check (have I done that one already?)

For a while, everyone kept quoting that line from the Matrix: "A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something."
I think I would have preferred that be the case.

Moar of your luck-witch and her not-friend.

The time the Oligarchy beat the Theocracy, and why
(My kittens say hi)

When Time And Space turned upside down and backwards.

First, invent the world...

I never meant to get lost. Well, not usually.

What kinds of demons are there to go with the angels, and how do they interact with each other?

Somebody in the Elf setting is new to the idea of Halloween and kind of freaked about it.

A character whose greatest wish is to NOT be who they are, who really gets only one happy day a year, Halloween.

Mean prom and dance shenanigans have been increasing. When a Hispanic girl gets shut out of her school dance, Baron Samedi -- who can be a perfect gentleman -- takes her to a spook dance instead.

I'll be boosting the signal on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, and Facebook.

Microfic by Rix_scaedu

User ysabetwordsmith referenced to your post from Microfic by Rix_scaedu saying: [...] has opened the October call for prompts [...]

Yes, please?




The Atlanteans Return


The Seer & The Mistress of Time

Henry & others from Inheritance

It Was Just a Card Game

Juveniles In Custody

Grand Designs



with a clatter and a bang
a present for an old flame
committing the moment to memory
whistling along
pruning the apple tree

Chiming in for more Rensa. :)

A hiding place... That isn't hidden.

Elephants, or their equivalent.


* The Prince of Cats, at Halloween

* More of Just Curious

* The Prince of Cats' father.

* Kitchen Magic

* More of Nai's world...
... perhaps, a resident foreigner's kid wants to learn Gi?

* A floating city

* The guidance counselor recommends... Protagonist?

* When the 'monsters' started vacationing in our world

* "I'm sorry, but it really isn't a costume."

* What do artificial intelligences do for holidays?

* The Vampire/Werewolf Peace Treaty

* The secret behind the secret of Halloween

* Inheriting a candy factory isn't quite like in the movies...

One signal boost today via twitter.

Well, since there's already 2 other requests for Nai

Here's a prompt for something set in the angels' universe: sitting on a burning fence.

Re: Well, since there's already 2 other requests for Nai

Your Prompters' Story Words are here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/59359.html

Fishing, Giraffing, and Prompting

User aldersprig referenced to your post from Fishing, Giraffing, and Prompting saying: [...] Call for Prompts is still open here [...]

More Nai please!

-Friendly Anon

Your Prompters' Story Words are here http://rix-scaedu.livejournal.com/59359.html

Edited at 2012-10-05 12:20 pm (UTC)

Rix's October Promp Call!

User lilfluff referenced to your post from Rix's October Promp Call! saying: [...] leave brief prompts and have a short scene written to it. Check it out at October Prompt Request [...]

Call for Prompts Uno, Duo

User aldersprig referenced to your post from Call for Prompts Uno, Duo saying: [...] Prompt Call [...]

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