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[sticky post]A Table Of Contents, In Progress
frustrated mother of teenager
As part of the January 13 Prompt Call, I started doing landing pages for series I write or worlds I write in.  I don't always write in an established world or series but I seem to have a lot of worlds and series out there.

Having created landing pages, they are of no use to any of us, if no-one can find them.  Hence this page.

The landing pages created so far are for:

The Angel Universe - a world of polytheism, angels, vard, and a lot of humans, including one group who believe they are the chosen of the gods.

Rensa - within the world of the Defensive Diaspora, there is a world where the revolution has wiped out the entire Imperial family.  Except for one princess, who was made a proposal she can't refuse by a man who's in his job because everyone else is dead.

The Prince of Cats - a father and son who aren't quite what they seem.

The Winged Cat Universe a contemporary world with magic, and winged cats.

After The Fairy Tale - so what happened after the fairy tale ended?

The Squad - four ship protection specialists in a space faring culture.

Mayin -  after a decade away fighting an interstellar war, a returned soldier tries to adjust to the civilian world with the complication of an unexpected suitor.

Erima -  the demons are taking over, the godssons are the free world's best hope, and Erima was not the child her mother hoped for.

The Elf - the elf has taken over the city.  He's up to something and he's being opposed, but the opposition doesn't care if they hurt people.

Nai - a mangaish road trip undertaken by a young, female, professional gi fighter and her instructor.

Frack - Ludwina Frack has reappeared after being missing for seven years, but her life of spaceships, piracy and offers she can't refuse isn't over yet.

Iphana - within the world of the Defensive Diaspora, on a world with extreme arctic climate changes, a young technician is almost abandoned for the winter...

Afterwhen - there was a catastrophe, maybe even an apocalypse, but that was a while ago and is just passing from living memory. Different groups have different resources, different skills and different issues.

The Unformed Coven - thirteen people who are quite happy as they are, with their own concerns and lives. Other people, it seems, have plans for them that they may not care for.

Dark Fantasy Bingo - based on the prompts from my Dark Fantasy Bingo card from 2013 we have the story of Sillan Denevda after she became Tamin Sorid - because of politics and stuff.

The Twisted Skein - probably space opera with star ships, isolated human civilizations, plus drama and intrigue if I can pull them off.

Inheritance - in the wake of an elderly man's death, secrets begin to come out and stories to reawaken. (Note: may contain super heroes.)

After I finish listing the various series, then I'll have to keep the landing pages up-to-date....

That Moment....

I am still writing to my September prompts, because I didn't have as much time as I thought, and now accept that this will take me all spring.... This one comes from a combination of two of [dreamwidth.org profile] sauergeek' s prompts which can be found here. It runs to 821 words.

At Christmas the must-have toy had been a slinky; an iteration of the often-popular compressed spring toy that this time came in a series of metallic enamel finishes. By early autumn when Odelia was working on the garden bed for her sweet peas so they could be planted by St Patrick’s Day, they had almost completely disappeared from sight and thought. Just before the summer school holidays had ended children had still been playing with them anywhere that had steps or a slope, so they could watch the things travel and sparkle in the light while they did it. Odelia could remember other flash crazes and thankfully thought that the slinkies were relatively inexpensive and harmless – she personally still had an original Cabbage Knight action figure, with the rare purple variant armour, carefully tucked away in a drawer. It had cost her parents more than three times the recommended retail price and adults had come to blows over the Yellow Mage figures after a warehouse fire had destroyed half the original run.


Oddly, while she was digging in the pelleted chook poo to increase the organic matter in the soil Odelia found three slinkies completely buried. She shook the soil off them and put them aside with the small rocks she’d found, but they were gone when she went to tidy them up into the rubbish bin after the seeds were planted. The sweet peas started pleasingly well and started climbing up their trellis.

Then winter came, with east coast lows that rained and blew for days and intervening periods of cold clear days begun with frost. Odelia did not spend much of winter in the garden. It wasn’t that the plants stopped growing completely, it didn’t get cold enough for that in her parts, but it was cold out as well as wet under foot, so most days she went no further than the clothes line or the rosemary bush. That let her check that nothing had gone horribly wrong in the rest of the garden, without seeing the details. This meant that she didn’t notice the unknown plants until the end of winter when she ventured far enough down the yard to see how the daffodils were doing.

The plants, and there were seven of them, looked like sturdy aquilegias by their leaves and growth habit. Odelia looked them up in gardening references and on the internet but couldn’t find anything. What she did find was that once she had found them in her own garden, she was seeing them everywhere. There seemed to be clusters at bus stops, most front gardens had one or two, and the primary school practically had a mini hedge along the fence line. Some fell prey to weeding, lawnmowers and whipper-snippers but a lot didn’t, and those kept growing.

By the beginning of October, the surviving plants were looking positively shrub-like, even with their fern-like leaves, and developing sturdy, graceful flower spikes. The flowers opened in the third week of October, in a glorious abundance of pearl, cream, and white. It was hard to tell if they had any scent, but they were popular with moths, butterflies, small native bees, tiny black beetles, and ants. Close inspection though made it clear to Odelia that despite a superficial resemblance to aquilegias that continued with the unknown plant’s flowers, these were not members of that genus: aquilegia flowers have five segments and this plant’s had six.

It was the seed pods though that were the clincher. If they were seed pods. As such. Each flower developed up to six long…pods that grew rapidly to almost a metre long then coiled themselves suddenly overnight into spirals. Most of the pods on plants in public places got broken while they were in the long stage, but most pods that survived had coils that were about five centimetres across. The broken pods died off and when Odelia investigated one she couldn’t find any trace of seeds. Then the pods lost their fuzz and seemed to harden or dry out, and as they did so their colour changed. Every pod on the same bush, and it was easier to pick in her own garden, turned the same colour. Most of them took on a metallic sheen, and Odelia was particularly taken by one in her garden with white-spotted, dark emerald green pods.

It still took seeing a pod drop off its stem on the bush with the longer, narrower coils than the others and flip itself end over end down the slight slope to the herb bed for Odelia to realise what they were. Slinky plants. When she picked up the mauve, yellow and blue coil she found that it was already burying one end in the soil. She looked around her garden and took in the seven small bushes, each with their brightly coloured load of giant, exposed seeds, and realised that she was about to be overwhelmed….

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In Which the Minutiae of Daily Life Do Not Grind
Master Que
This follows on from Returning to the Scene of Someone Else's Crime and comes in at 2,950 words.

From my point of view, the rest of the evening passed without undue incident.  Master Que did talk to Master Kung, but he didn’t share anything from the conversation with me.  The manager of The Riverside Terrace dropped by our table and said some kind things about our actions the previous week, and I visited Gow Sien Tong at his new stable’s table to pay my respects.  On the way back to our table for tea and a plate of sweets I paused to exchange niceties with Master Dang and again to exchange bows with Master and Madam Kung.  When I got back to the table, Master Que introduced me to both another of the local Hoshun Masters, Master Yi who was a tall, thin, bald man who kept his hands tucked together in his robe sleeves across the front of his torso, and his associate, Zhu Shu Xu who was emaciated and neither looked nor smelt well.  Zhu Shu Xu graciously accepted my offer of tea when the fresh pot arrived, and slowly drank half a cup while the two Masters finished their conversation.  When he and Master Yi moved on, Zhu Shu Xu’s gait was almost painfully careful; Master Que and I exchanged glances but said nothing.

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Jumping Jack
I wrote this to [Unknown LJ tag]'s prompt about </span>Springheel Jack. It runs to 1,671 words and is in the same world as Samella Clyde, Rune and Yollie, and probably a little earlier than Samella.

By rights Port Leòdamas should still have been what it had been for centuries, a quiet fishing town on a large island off the northern coast of Cadlera. The re-development of ancient Atlantean airship technology shouldn’t have made any more difference to it than it did to the other towns in the rural region. However, that didn’t take into account influential interests objecting to a small, foreign airship company being allowed to set up a way port in a major city.

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Clancy and Pae'kura
Flower person
 If you are one of my Patreon patrons, there is more Clancy and Pae'kura.
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A Negotiation
 As part of my September Prompt request, which can be found here, here, or here, I have written this 802 word story with foot notes to Kunama's prompt of "Erima continuing to spring unexpected surprises on people."    It follows on from Hiring Commences.  Let's see if the foot notes work.....

“There’s no guarantee that I’ll be joining you in this undertaking of yours,” pointed out Denfia Sarobrast to the younger woman sitting opposite her.  They were eating in a tavern in the town that backed the fortress of Treblesse, and the meal was boiled smoked hocks with boiled root vegetables and cabbage.  Denfia was drinking hard beer and her companion was enjoying cider.  “The commander isn’t happy that you’re making off with Harrandil Evan as it is.  I’ve no doubt he’ll make it worth my while to stay.”

“I’m sure he’ll make an excellent counter offer,” agreed the younger woman, nodding her head with its drudge-short brown hair.  “I was hoping though that I could beg a few days of your time to help me recruit the man I want to build the undertaking’s fortifications for me.  I can’t speak to the details of our needs, but if I can bring people with me to demonstrate that I can get the right questions answered, then I’ve got a better chance of getting his help.”

“So, you don’t want to recruit me,” Denfia gestured with her fork at the younger woman.

“Oh, but I do.”  Her dining companion smiled.  “I need ballista teams and experienced people to run them.  You’re the best fit around for what I need in a ballista captain, and so the commander and I are in competition over you.”

“Do you know that there are some very strange stories beginning to run around about you?”  If Denfia’s greying hair wasn’t being held tight to her scalp in St Kwitchi’s braids[1], it would have swished as she turned her head to check who’d just walked into the tavern.  “Is that Orratram Baanthazar?”

“Yes, it is.  The man with him is my architect.  They’re the other two members of my delegation to see the fortifications expert.”

“You’ve gotten Baanthazar to work for you?”  Denfia’s interest was piqued.  “How did you manage that?”

“I was persuasive, and I had references.”  The younger woman smiled, then asked, “Do I need to provide you with references?”

“If Baanthazar is working for you, then that’s reference enough for me,” replied Denfia.  “Doesn’t mean that I will work for you, though.  The commander here might still make me a better offer.”

“He might,” agreed the younger woman with a smile.  She turned her attention to the two men who were now standing by the table.  “Get your business done, gentlemen?”  They both nodded.  “But have you eaten?”

“No,” admitted the man with a patch over one eye and the straggly beard.  He turned to Denfia and asked, “Do you mind if I take the chair next to you, Captain Sarobrast?”

“I don’t mind, but you have the advantage of me.  Should I know you?”  Denfia looked at him critically, trying to place the face and voice.

“Denfia, this is Alvithis Mordvill, my architect.”  The younger woman chuckled.  “He keeps telling me that my expansion of his circle of acquaintance will be the ruination of him.”

“Lady Erima, you keep introducing me to respectable people,” shot back Mordvill.  “You’re going to ruin my professional reputation!”

“You’ll have to introduce me to the people who think that, and then I can explain to them exactly what your choices were,” suggested Erima.

“Lady Erima,” said Denfia slowly.  “How true are those rumours I mentioned earlier?”

Erima considered for a moment as she gestured to get the waitress’ attention, then replied, “The versions I’ve heard have been reasonably accurate.”  Turning her attention to the waitress she said, “Two more plates of hocks and vegetables, please.  Oh, and could we have a pitcher of hard beer with two more mugs, too?”

Denfia said flatly, “You really are a female Godson?”

“Well, yes.  A goddaughter.”  Erima smiled sunnily at her.

“And you want me to work for you?”  Denfia wanted to grab onto something solid.

“If we can come to terms, yes,” agreed Erima.  “Given that my cousin, Commander Lord Ourim, doesn’t know exactly what he’s counteroffering to, yet.”

“Indeed?”  That was Baanthazar.

“Interesting,” was Mordvill’s contribution.

“I thought that on our way to see the fortifications man, we might stop at Chatham[2] and see how my siege engines are getting on.”  Erima smiled at the older woman.  “Are you interested?”

Denfia looked at her again, harder this time.  “You’re getting your own siege engines built.  New.”

“Well, yes.”  Erima spread her hands and sort of shrugged.  “Everyone who’s already got them, needs them.  So, I had to get more built.”

“I would very much like,” said Denfia with great deliberation, “to take a side trip to Chatham.”

[1] These are cornrow or canerow braids.  In this world they were popularised by the well-venerated martial saint, St Kwitchi, who wore the hairstyle.

[2] Pronounced Cha-tham, because I say Bathurst as Ba-thurst.  😊

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Que Tzu and Madam Cai
 This comes from my September prompt request, here or here, and is in response to zianuray's prompt "Early Master Que and a (water) spring".  It came in at 619 words.

Que Tzu took a deep draw on his cigarette, then asked his hostess, “So, what is it that you want me to do, exactly, Madam Cai?”  He looked around the unkempt garden that abutted the earthquake tumbled house and added, “I’m a gi fighter, not a handyman.”

The older, taller woman, not that it was too hard to be taller than the national professional gi-champion, replied, “We both know that gi fighters are sorcerers by another name.  You are recognised as one of the most powerful currently active, and you are an earth specialist.”

Que Tzu looked particularly disreputable as he mildly interjected, “I’m Hoshun.  Earth is one of our elements, but I wouldn’t call me a specialist.”  He added, “Ma’am,” and gestured somewhat decoratively with the smoking cigarette.

She looked at him repressively and replied, “Young man, I had not heard anything to suggest that false modesty is one of your faults.”

“Oh, it’s not,” he assured her cheerfully with a puff of cigarette smoke.  “I’m more of a generalist in the Hoshun sphere of practice; I could give you the contact details for at least four people who are better with earth gi than I am.”

She nodded in acknowledgement, but said, “You, however, are here.  You are also…in need of funds, or so my contacts tell me.”  He nodded in acknowledgement of her point.  “I need to get this site ready to rebuild upon.  I’m sure you can tell that the house was derelict even before the earthquake, but the spring here in the garden is new and in the way of our plans.  It needs to be gone.”

“I can’t help you,” replied Que Tzu.  He drew in through his cigarette and blew out a long plume of smoke before adding, “It’s a spring.  It simply doesn’t pay to mess with them.  Haven’t you heard the story about Lei Feng Guan and the Ming Family Village?”

“I’ve never heard of Lei Feng Guan,” said Madam Cai tightly.  “What has he to do with this matter?”

“He’s a powerful but foolish sorcerer my first Master used to tell me bedtime stories about,” Que Tzu told her between puffs on his cigarette, the smoke beginning to form a haze around him.  “The Mings hired him to move a spring for them, and he shifted it about four times before half the village was swept away by mud and the other half slid down the other side of the hill on a sheet of underlying rock.”

“Can’t you just put things back the way they were before the earthquake?”  Madam Cai may have sounded a little plaintive.

“I don’t know how things were before the earthquake,” pointed out Que Tzu.  “If I simply block the spring off, then the water is going to work its way out somewhere else, and I have no idea where that might be.  You could well wind up with a worse problem than you have now.  Frankly, I suggest changing your plans to include a nice garden water feature that you can stock with lucky fish.”

“So, you’re not going to do anything for me?”  Madam Cai was beginning to look angry.

“I’m not going to block up a spring for you,” corrected Que Tzu.  “I am going to walk around town checking the water here isn’t coming from a broken water pipe somewhere.  Just in case fixing your problem is really that simple.”

“That is…quite practical,” conceded Madam Cai.  “A fishpond could be a desirable feature; I will think on it.”

“It could be worse,” pointed put Que Tzu, gesturing with his cigarette.

“How so?”  She raised a delicately arched eyebrow.

He smiled.  “Someone could be accusing you of stealing their spring.”

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Prompt Request September 18

Okay, spring is springing in my location, but I’ve probably ensured another frost by buying and planting three tomato plants this last weekend. In the meantime the feral radiata pines out the front and across the road are doing something that, from the amount of yellow pollen lying around, seems to call for a more active verb than flowering, blossoming or blooming.

I think I need to get in the habit of writing more, and I have some smaller pieces of work I would like to get finished. We should also not forget the attraction of the bright new shiny things….

To help me do this, I am opening a prompt call. For each prompter I will write to at least one prompt each and aim for about 300 words a piece. For every four prompts I will write about 300 words on one of four pieces I want to finish that are meant for general consumption. I aim to write at least one piece a day for the rest of September, as well as my regular Nai-writing sessions in the coffee/chocolate shop and making word count in my space opera romance.

We have a theme for prompts this time, well sort of – leave as many prompts as you like but one of them must involve Spring or a spring. Have fun!

I will automatically write to a second prompt if you are one of my patrons on Patreon. I will also write to a second prompt if you tip, and I am willing to negotiate on extensions.

My tip jar:

Tip value
Anything I need to know?
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Clancy and Pae'kura update
cat wearing fez
 For those of you who are my Patrons on Patreon, there is a new piece of Clancy and Pae'kura up for you to read  here .
Anyone else who would like to join us is most welcome.
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Aldersprig's Giraffe Call
[personal profile] aldersprig is having a Giraffe Call and it's open now!

To translate that without too much back story, she is writing flash fiction from yprompts with the aim of helping to fund the renovation of her house. Specifically the attic.

The theme is "WTF?!?" which does make it sound like they found something unexpected.

The call for prompts can be found here or here or here.

If you throw mone into the tip jar, you guarantee that one of your prompts will get used sooner rather than later, if I understand things correctly, and there are stretch goals....

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