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As part of the January 13 Prompt Call, I started doing landing pages for series I write or worlds I write in.  I don't always write in an established world or series but I seem to have a lot of worlds and series out there.

Having created landing pages, they are of no use to any of us, if no-one can find them.  Hence this page.

The landing pages created so far are for:

The Angel Universe - a world of polytheism, angels, vard, and a lot of humans, including one group who believe they are the chosen of the gods.

Rensa - within the world of the Defensive Diaspora, there is a world where the revolution has wiped out the entire Imperial family.  Except for one princess, who was made a proposal she can't refuse by a man who's in his job because everyone else is dead.

The Prince of Cats - a father and son who aren't quite what they seem.

The Winged Cat Universe a contemporary world with magic, and winged cats.

After The Fairy Tale - so what happened after the fairy tale ended?

The Squad - four ship protection specialists in a space faring culture.

Mayin -  after a decade away fighting an interstellar war, a returned soldier tries to adjust to the civilian world with the complication of an unexpected suitor.

Erima -  the demons are taking over, the godssons are the free world's best hope, and Erima was not the child her mother hoped for.

The Elf - the elf has taken over the city.  He's up to something and he's being opposed, but the opposition doesn't care if they hurt people.

Nai - a mangaish road trip undertaken by a young, female, professional gi fighter and her instructor.

Frack - Ludwina Frack has reappeared after being missing for seven years, but her life of spaceships, piracy and offers she can't refuse isn't over yet.

Iphana - within the world of the Defensive Diaspora, on a world with extreme arctic climate changes, a young technician is almost abandoned for the winter...

Afterwhen - there was a catastrophe, maybe even an apocalypse, but that was a while ago and is just passing from living memory. Different groups have different resources, different skills and different issues.

The Unformed Coven - thirteen people who are quite happy as they are, with their own concerns and lives. Other people, it seems, have plans for them that they may not care for.

Dark Fantasy Bingo - based on the prompts from my Dark Fantasy Bingo card from 2013 we have the story of Sillan Denevda after she became Tamin Sorid - because of politics and stuff.

The Twisted Skein - probably space opera with star ships, isolated human civilizations, plus drama and intrigue if I can pull them off.

Inheritance - in the wake of an elderly man's death, secrets begin to come out and stories to reawaken. (Note: may contain super heroes.)

After I finish listing the various series, then I'll have to keep the landing pages up-to-date....

frustrated mother of teenager
Here is my 16th tale of the Apocalypse Bingo, based on the prompt "Rise of a New Species." This one is a precursor to my World Tree stories. all four of them, which can be found on Dreamwidth and Livejournal. In both locations I suggest you go to the bottom of the page and read up. This story came in at 1,116 words, but the older stories are shorter.

"It's a very vigorous hybrid," admitted Kenishwa. "Rather more vigorous than expected. The oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water aspects of its metabolism are within the required parameters. The growth pattern is exceptional; not only do the branches grow at up to forty centimetres a day, so do the aerial roots."


"So," Cornelius Bracken was lead for more than half the botanicals projects, "what positive risks have we identified for the project?"

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Side Quested
frustrated mother of teenager
Here is my 15th tale of the Apocalypse Bingo. It is written to the prompt "Cargo Cult" and came in at 2,727 words.

"These are not the goods of the promise," said the man of the canyon people to Japha and Mereed. He shook his head sadly at them.


"We never said they were," replied Mereed politely. Apparently Japha wasn't permitted to speak the canyon man elder, while Mereed was. The canyon people were known to have some strange rules, and in their present position Japha and Mereed had little choice but to follow the rules they had been told applied to them.

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Clancy and Pae'kura update
cat wearing fez
 Yes, there is more Clancy and Pae'kura for my Patreon patrons. This entry was originally posted at https://rix-scaedu.dreamwidth.org/104103.html. There have been comment count unavailable comments there.

Clancy and Pae'kura update
Flower person
 There is more Clancy and Pae'kura over on Patreon for my patrons. This entry was originally posted at https://rix-scaedu.dreamwidth.org/103762.html. There have been comment count unavailable comments there.

More Domesticity and Business
Master Que
This follows on from Last Day of the School Week (Part 2) and runs for 3, 089 words.

I got up before the He family next door, that or He Ban was permitted to sleep in on weekends, and quickly dressed before going downstairs to address the family shrine before spending a quiet hour in the garden on my gi forms.  When I went back inside for breakfast Master Que was just pouring out tea for both of us, and he had rice with pickles set out on the table for us both.

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Apocalypse Bingo: Request 3
frustrated mother of teenager
 Okay, to get the most fill value for my next bout of writing, I should write prompts 1, 4 and/or 7.

I am taking votes for tomorrow's writing order.

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Now We Are Come To This
frustrated mother of teenager
And here for story fourteen of the Apocalypse Bingo, we have a non-human tale written to the prompt "Infertility." It came in at 840 words.

"There must be something we can do," the elven Queen looked around the room at her assembled councillors and, at this special solstice assembly, their councillors. "What is it?" 

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Preparation For An Announcement
frustrated mother of teenager
 So, here we are at my 13th story of the Apocalypse Bingo, based on the prompt of "Mutation" which came in at 735 words.

"I was given to understand that the problem is being caused by a mutation," said the minister hesitantly. "People with the mutation look different and act differently. They refuse to engage and become enraged if you trespass into their territory." He added wryly, "They stop buying things, and that has a lot of manufacturers upset."


The chief scientist for the department sighed. "That is the simple version, Minister. It's the version for the thirty second sound bite. There is a mutation, but its a viral or prion mutation, not a human one. If someone catches it, then it changes the way their genetic makeup works without changing the genes and chromosomes themselves. It does that by changing the way your proteins fold, and that changes the way they work."


"Why do you say viral or prion, Dr Keay? Don't you know?" The minister could just imagine some of the questions he was going to get, and right now he seemed to be the only member of Cabinet that the government could get to go out in public. He was going to get all the questions.


"It transmits like a virus, minister, but once it's in the body it acts like a prion." Dr Keay sighed. "My medical colleagues tell me that the neither the antivirals we have, nor the existing prion disease treatments seem to be effective. We can't stop it once it's in the body. Every time we think we've worked out a safety protocol to avoid transmission, we're proved wrong.


"So, once someone’s infected, what happens?" The minister opened the folder in front of him and looked at the top document, the closed the folder again.


"Colouration changes to begin with," started Dr Keay. "Thick gold rings around the irises. Head and body hair variations dependent on the natural striping pattern of the person involved."


"Wait, Dr Keay, humans don't have stripes!" The minister looked indignant.


"We do, actually, minister," the chief scientist corrected him. "They're called the lines of Blashko, and they're completely normal - until something like this happens. After that, we start getting behavioural changes with sufferers: refusing to live close to other households; apparently irrational anger at intrusion into the individual's personal space or living territory; and refusal to engage in wider society."


The minister interrupted, "When you say 'refuse to engage in wider society, Doctor, what do you mean?"


Dr Keay gathered her thoughts. "They move out of urban areas to districts with sparser populations. They make an effort to live off the grid, often using solar panels and their own wind farms. They often work to become as self-sufficient for their food supply as possible and develop local links to supplement their own production. They do buy from local stores, but limit their time in them, and are generally uninterested in working with others outside their residential group. That means that they generally have little disposable income, which in turn reduces their consumption of manufactured goods, financial services, and specialist services in general.


"Which is why sections of the commentariat are claiming that society is breaking down," concluded the minister.


"Yes," the scientist agreed. "Certainly, there is currently disruption, but I don't know that we can predict the dissolution of human society based on the current situation. We are an adaptable species, and although we may be facing a major change in the way we work, I don't believe this is going to wipe us out."


The minister smile wryly again and opened his folder. As he turned it around to show her the top document, he asked, "Dr Keay, in your opinion, what are our chances of getting these members of the Cabinet, Parliament, and senior bureaucracy to work remotely?"


She looked at the document, and then looked up again. "Minister, why do you ask?"


"This is this morning's current list of infections. If I'm going to be the acting Prime Minister, I'd like someone to actually say so. Can you help me talk to the Governor General about this? In half an hour?"


"Half an hour?"


"It's what we've got," replied the minister. "That's when he wants to see me, and I've been warned out that there'll be a press conference afterwards."


"I didn't dress for that," Dr Keay looked down at her lab-casual outfit.


"You look like you've come from the scientific coalface," he replied. "Credibility is good, it's certainly helping me right now."

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Manoeuvers in the Dark
frustrated mother of teenager
This is my 12th story of the Apocalypse Bingo, and it is based on the prompt "Rich People Are Evil." It follows on from Change Can Begin Slowly, and came in at 1,391 words.


Sluen returned to her family's quarters after the shift was over, and the team's report had been entered into the chain of command. She had decided on her way home to talk to her father about the contents of that report as soon as she could; Elder Dirryck Monstead liked to be that one step ahead of his fellows when he could be, and Sluen could stand to be in better favour with him. That was why she violated his pre-dinner privacy and knocked on his office door.

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