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A Hitch - Computer illness/death
I have run into a hitch.  It seems that my main computer may be dead.

I keep getting a message "Reboot and select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key".

I don't think I know where those initial discs are any more and as I left the computer on to eat and came back to that message suspect the problem is something nasty.

Any suggestions (my current intentions are Saturday=computer shop to see if it can temporarily be fixed.)

Fortunately only I think there's only one piece of writing on there that hasn't been saved (and some ebooks).

What I do not have at the moment is access to my email.  My laptop doesn't have an email program and I don't have an email address that doesn't need it.

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That sounds like the computer is having trouble talking to its primary boot device -- generally the hard drive that the operating system is on. That might mean that the drive is dead. It might just mean that a cable has worked its way loose. (Fan vibrations can do that, over time.) If you would be comfortable doing so, opening up the computer and reseating the cables, especially the ones connecting the disk drives, might be worth doing.

Given that you can reach the net from your laptop, you can probably install an email client on it, though I don't know what you're used to.

Thank you. I'm beginning to think new computer.

If you want a new one, "the old one flaked out with no warning" is certainly a fine reason. :)

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