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More Motivating Prompts Please
Dear Gentle Beings of all persuasions,

I am after some more motivating prompts from you to get me moving on the things I want to and think I should get done in my writing sphere of activities.

Spring is springing over here and we have one month left before summer. Jacarandas, hippeastrums, blackberries and passion fruit are all flowering. Birds are nesting - not in my roof this year as far as I can tell - and at least one bandicoot is madly digging up everything....

I am also trying to help the Offspring with his job search.

My work place is being partly reorganised and we are expressing doubts...politics are afoot. I don't know if it will end particularly well, but enough of that.

If you would like to help me work on my to-do list, and give me a prompt as well, please give me a whole number from one to twelve inclusive and a short prompt tag you would like written to. I will write 150 words/spend 15 minutes on the list item, and then write you 200-250 words to your prompt.

There are some rules.

* Please don't ask for main story Nai as your prompt - more Nai writing will happen next weekend;

* One prompt per prompter; and

* No erotica (I need to be in the mood) and no fanfic (I would mangle your favourite characters to no satisfactory result.)

Thank you for your help.

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7 is project 3a.

Your prompt suggests you have been peeking at my laptop over my shoulder...

I just really like the concept~

You do realise that we do have ski resorts, don't you?

They're in the Snowy Mountains....

Stop trying to correct my nationalistic stereotyping with facts. ;p

Also, for some reason I just realized you live in Aus., after reading your post about Spring. *facepalm*

I thought you might like the area's name?

I did. Fits in with our own Blue Ridge Mountains and the like. :)

5 was part of the Project 1 complex.

I wrote to your prompt here

How about 6?

As for the prompt, there is the gardener's eternal engagement (I *won't say "struggle" -- it's part of nature, after all!) with local critters that sample the vegetation. But I believe some of your characters are cultivating interesting plants, aren't they?

6 is Project B which now has named main characters and their family relationship to each other established.

What sort of plants?

I was thinking of the sort that one might grow to make use of a specific property, such as a medicinal plant. Some type of critter might take a liking to it, whether for the reason it was being grown, or just because they thought it tasted good. How does the property for which it was cultivated affect the critters? How would the gardener deal with the outcome?

I'm hoping to keep enough scope here for your creativity. I'm interested in seeing what it can do.

I was wondering if there was a particular story you were thinking of that I'd forgotten. I shall sleep on it.

Mayin, please?

Three was part of Project 1 and I have written to your prompt here

<bounces> I am very curious to see the numbered projects when they are ready!

I am keeping them as numbered projects so I don't get too embarrassed with myself if they come to nothing....


A late start to winter.

*Bangs head against the wall because I no longer know what twelve was supposed to be, so it will now default to the last thing remaining on the list - Project 3a.* :)

I'm afraid that your prompt may be a little while yet. The '150 words on the list item' has turned into something like 3,000 because I suddenly knew where things were going and I have one scene left to finish the chapter....


I have a problem. My desk top computer which has your nearly completed prompt on it has decided to stop talking to me. Unfortunately those one thousand odd words aren't backed up anywhere at the moment.

While we wait for me to get access to that other document again, would you like to see some of the at least 4,000 words you got me to write on Project 3a?

Woot, breakthrough progress! :)

I have written to your prompt here

I'm sorry it took so long, but you inspired me to more words than I expected . :)

<3 You are a trooper, and I know how fickle muses can be! I am all atwitter to go read what you've written!

Your prompt of 2 got Who Died And Made You King finished

Your Erima prompt has been written to here


As for a personal prompt, i'm lost. Either something that appeals to you, or something related to seasons being backwards (Fall is getting a late start, but it is not spring here)

I have not forgotten you - this is where your prompt is at

I have written over 17,000 words on your prompt and the story isn't finished yet and I will be posting it on my Patreon as a locked thing because I want to publish it.

Having said that, how can I show you what you started? Because it doesn't seem fair to ask you to subscribe to something for it. Is there anywhere I might put it up as a locked post so you can read it, or at least part of it?

4, relentlessly waging peace.

Four was part of Project 2 and I have e=written to your prompt here

1. And that side story I'm taking great glee in being blamed for.


More steam than punk vs more punk than steam. (Not entirely sure that makes sense, but it was the first thing to pop into my head. If it doesn't, perhaps more Baranyi?)

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